11 Clever Ways to Frame Objects Other than Art

Framed works of art are one of the most common interior design resources to add character, style, and personalization to your home. If you’re not into the art scene, or you want to hang special mementos on your walls instead, you can frame them to give them the same attention others give to art. Read on to see how you can use frames to accent the special items you want on your walls.

Frame Antique or Special Shirts

frame special shirts, jerseys or antique items

Was a relative a war hero? Did your child play sports? If you have a special shirt, jersey, coat, or any other article of clothing you want to put on display, frame it! By placing it in a frame, you can preserve its beauty and its memories.

Use a Big Frame to Frame Multiple Objects

use a big frame to encase little objects

A frame doesn’t have to surround a single object. If you have many small items you’d like to frame, but don’t have enough frames, use one big one instead! Arrange your items however you want and encase them with a giant frame.

Frame Your Favorite Bags

frame your favorite bags

Whether you love shopping, want to support local businesses, or have bags from different conventions you’ve been to, hang them up in frames instead of letting them sit in a drawer or closet.

Frame a Flag

frame a flag to display your patriotism

Show off your patriotism by framing your national flag for all to see. Properly framing your flag can preserve it and help keep it from disintegrating.

Frame Nature

frame leaves, branches, or other natural items

Is there anything more beautiful than the art of nature? Instead of hanging a photo or painting of natural elements, but the actual pieces in frames instead. You’ll have a unique display that helps you feel closer to nature.

Looking for other objects to frame? Head over to StyleCaster for more great ideas!


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