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14 Dreamy Canopy Beds You Can Make Yourself

Maybe when you were little, your dream was to have a bed with a “ princess” canopy: very exaggerated, with layers and layers of fabrics and all shades of pink. Well, then you grew up and the child's dream was slowly getting left behind. Maybe just until now! Canopies are currently very popular bedroom decor, since there are more mature and modern options, leaving the stigma of "princess bed" behind without losing the elegance. No matter what size bed your have (or how many beds in the room you have), canopies are a great addition!

The use of the canopy beds is an old idea that currently has modern features, creating a romantic atmosphere reminiscent of the beautiful rooms from the past. The canopy is nothing more than a frame that sits on the bed with a cloth or veil on its structure. It can be built into the ceiling, wall or attached in his own bed.

So let us help you get inspired to have a canopy for your own bed, so that you don’t need to travel to Paris or Rome (canopies are still common in European hotels) in order to live out your “princess” dream.

1. The Traditional Pink Room

Creating your own canopy bed doesn't have to be childish. With sheer curtains and string lights, you can get the canopy bed you've always wanted.
Using sheer curtains and string lights, you can make an incredible canopy bed like this one from Mrs. Jones

Of course you can still go with pink, in your daughter’s room or in your own bedroom. Thread fabrics and string lights help bring a dreamy coziness to any bedroom.

2. Using Copper Pipes for Rods

Using copper rods to hang your curtains turns your bed into a dreamy and elegant sanctuary.
Use copper rods to hang sheer curtains to get this dreamy canopy bed from One Kings Lane

You can transform your bed into a sanctuary in less than a single afternoon by using copper rods to hang sheer curtains. Learn how with a step by step guide here.

3. String Lights

String lights add a magical element to any canopy bed!
Add a hint of magic to your canopy bed using string lights like Breakfast With Audrey

You can make your bedroom look like a fairytale with sparkly string lights. Make the bedroom a place in your home where you can turn off the world around you. To make it happen, get a canopy and string lights and the magic will be there.

4. Summer Refresher

Canopy beds can be as simple as adding an extra bit of fabric to your headboard!
Get a great DIY headboard and a canopy in one with this clever trick from Design Sponge

With a length of fabric and a couple of curtain rods you can create this refreshing canopy for your summer siestas. Learn how to make your own here.

Want more inspiration for the perfect canopy bed? Click here!


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