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26 Weird Home Decor Ideas That Are So Crazy They Work

Your home is a reflection of your personality, your life, and your loves. So why settle for traditional home decor? If you want to add a little more color or creativity to your home, take a look at these 26 weird home decor ideas that might just work for you. We guarantee you won’t see any of these decor ideas in your neighbor’s home.

Make Your Stairs Pop

paint your stairs to make them pop
The Jungalow

If you have colorful leftover paint from a previous painting project, use it to give your stairs some character. Or, pick up some sample paints from your local home improvement store and get painting!

Add Glitter to Your walls

add glitter to your paint
Paint Speckled Pawprints

If you want your room to sparkle, why not add glitter to your paint? You’ll get a nice shimmer on your walls that’s fancy and creative.

Make Your Whole Room Ombre

paint your room ombre
Designers Guild

Ombre may not be as popular as it once was, but we’re sure you’d love to have an ombre room, especially if you can’t decide on one shade of a color.

Make an Entire Living Wall

make a living wall
Design Bump

Go green! Instead of painting your walls, grow a living wall. It will help purify the air in your room and make you feel closer to nature.

Use Color-In Wallpaper...and then Color It In!

get color-in wallpaper and then color it in

Find yourself getting bored some days? Pick up some color-in wallpaper and never be bored again! Best of all, you can always invite your friends and family over to help you make your walls unique and colorful.

For more weird and wonderful home decor ideas, head over to Design Bump.


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