4 Easy Ways to Save Money While Heating Your Home

You do it every winter. You promise yourself you’re not going to crank up the thermostat no matter how cold it gets. You say you’re going to save money on your heating bill this winter. Then, inevitably, the cold hits and you cave in. You turn up the temperature and with it your heating bill. Fortunately, this year can be different. We’ve rounded up four of the best ways you can save money on your winter heating bill while staying warm and cozy in your home.

Turn Down the Furnace

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The biggest impact you can make on your heating bills this winter is simply turning down the temperature in your home. By turning the temperature down 10 degrees for eight hours while you’re at work or sleeping, you can save 10% on your heating bills.

Only Heat the Rooms You Use


If you live in a large home or have rooms that you rarely use, paying for central heat can be expensive. A quick and cheap solution to reducing your heating bill is to only heat the rooms that you’re using. However, you can’t simply shut off the vents or registers in the unused rooms. Doing so could damage your ducts and heating system. Instead, use space heaters in the rooms that you do use and turn off your central heat completely. There are many different types of space heaters to choose from, and using them can save you quite a bit of money on your bill. Keep in mind, however, that if you try to heat your entire house using space heaters, it will most likely end up costing the same or more as using your central heating.

Harness the Power of the Sun

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Even during the coldest winter, the sun is still warm. Use it to your advantage by opening up your blinds and shades during the day, especially on your south-facing windows. The sun will shine through and help heat your home. Best of all, it’s free.

Seal Leaks Around Doors and Windows


Leaks around doors and windows accounts for 7-12% of your home’s heat loss. To keep more heat in your home and to save money on your heating bill, find and seal any cracks or leaks around doors and windows. Weatherstripping around doors should be replaced every few years or when it starts to wear down. Caulking around doors and windows can be done every year to keep your home draft free.


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