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4 Incredibly Easy DIY Headboard Ideas

You can easily create your own unique headboard using simple ideas and available materials. Here a few simple ideas that will not break your bank but get you a unique and stylish piece of furniture instead. The goal is to come up with something truly unique and personalized that you would probably never find in furniture stores.

Use an Old Door

Make a headboard out of a repurposed door.
You can easily turn an old door into a new, unique headboard. Image source: Ain't She Crafty

One of the easiest and most creative ways to make a headboard is by using door. Basically, all you have to do is first look for an old door with a unique design at a flea market, a salvage yard, or even at a thrift store where you can buy one for a cheap price. Then simply sand the door, paint it in a color that matches your décor or just leave it as it is to get that old unique charm, but remember to clean it thoroughly and of course remove the knob or other locking mechanism. You can then mount it sideways on your wall.

Draw a Headboard

If you have some artistic talent, you can easily draw or paint a headboard onto your wall.
Feeling artistic? Draw or paint your own headboard on your wall! Image source: Shelterness

If you have even a little bit of artistic talent, you can easily draw your own headboard. You can paint the wall with chalkboard paint and then use a chalk marker to draw whatever kind of headboard you want. Using a chalk marker means you can change up your headboard whenever you want! Or, if you want a more permanent solution, you can use acrylic paints to paint the headboard of your dreams. Be creative and have fun!

DIY Fabric Headboard

If you don't want to spend a ton of money on an upholstered headboard, make your own!
Make your own DIY upholstered fabric headboard. Image source: Remodelaholic

Here is what you need to create a unique fabric covered headboard:

  • Plywood
  • Fabric
  • Staple Gun
  • Batting

Plywood is readily available at home improvement stores. Ask the employee at the store to cut you a piece of plywood according to the measurements you would have already taken. The next thing will be to attach the foam. You can use adhesive spray or a staple gun. Then put the batting on top. Use the staple gun to secure the batting to the back. The fabric comes last. Attach it to the headboard the same way you did with the batting and you have a cute DIY headboard ready to be attached to the wall.

Use a Curtain

Curtains aren't just for windows! Use curtains to make your own headboard or canopy bed.
Use a curtain to make your own unique headboard. Image source: Pinterest

Curtains were not made for windows alone. You can use them to make a unique DIY headboard (or canopy bed) too. Step one is to attach the curtain rod high on top of the wall or in the center of your ceiling if that’s where you want to place the headboard. Then simply hang the curtains and voila! You have a nice unique headboard. The goal is to create a colorful focal point in the room so choose a curtain with beautiful colors and patterns. You can use faux silk drapery if you want to achieve that luxury look or linen curtains if you want the headboard to look simple and casual.

You can never run short of DIY headboard ideas. Just be creative and use what is easily available to make an artistic centerpiece on your wall or ceiling.


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