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5 Charming Reading Rooms to Inspire Book Lovers

For book lovers having a space dedicated to reading is absolutely inspiring. Book nooks and libraries are magnificent reading rooms, sure to make anyone who doesn’t enjoy a good book regularly green with envy. Below are examples of charming reading rooms for book lovers.

1. You could read by natural light all day here.


The room of eternal sunshine
The room of eternal sunshine. Via BuzzFeed.

Naturally lit with floor to ceiling sliding glass doors, the design creates a bright reading space that opens towards the canyon.

2. This room creates a colorful atmosphere for reading.

Color for when the reading is too gloomy.
Plenty of color in case the reading is too gloomy. Via Buzzfeed.

Bright colors set the mood in this reading room

3. An attic could be a great room to read in.


Transform your attic into a reading haven.
Transform your attic into a reading haven. Via BuzzFeed.

Books in the attic. It just seems right, right?

4. And this one will have you climbing for books for hours.

For those who have more than a lot of books
A great solution in case you have more than too many books. Via BuzzFeed.

The living room opens onto a double-height library for 5,200 books in this house.

5. There’s no more beautiful sight to a book-lover than a literal wall of books.

A wall of books, no less.
A wall of books, no less. Via BuzzFeed.

Books are beautiful to those who love them.

We know the book lovers out there are drooling right now for a reading room of their own. So get inspired! Create your own book room! We have more examples of charming book rooms and nooks here.


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