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5 Cheap and Fun DIY Pool Toys

For many kids, playing in the pool is the most fun activity. Kids love to play games in the pool, such as Marco Polo or Ping Pong. On the other hand, some prefer swimming freely and doing underwater flips. However, to make it even more fun for them, you can make your own pool toys for them to play with. With a little creativity, you can create plenty of toys with what you have in the house or with simple things that can be found at the dollar store.

Pool Noodles

Turn your pool noodles into light sabers with a little duct tape and creativity!
Turn your pool noodles into light sabers. Via: SimpleMost

If you have a pool, then you likely have plenty of pool noodles. Luckily, pool noodles can be transformed to make several different toys. Since they float, you can create a raft by simply tying them together with a piece of string. You can also use grey and black duct tape to make the pool noodles look like lightsabers from Star Wars.

Paper Boats

Teach your kids how to make paper boats so they can have fun in the pool!
Paper boats are a classic water toy. Via: Pinterest

With a piece of paper you can make a fun boat for kids to play with. They’re very easy to make; watching a short video tutorial online will do the trick. An added benefit is that you can let the kids make the boats, which they will surely enjoy. Since all that is required to make paper boats is paper, you essentially have an endless supply.

Make Balls With Sponges

Make your own water toys by using sponges to create fun pool balls!
Make balls out of sponges for endless pool fun! Via: Paper Doll Tales

You can use sponges to make a simple, yet unique ball that kids will enjoy tossing around. All you need to do is cut about 3-4 sponges into small strips and then attach them all together. This will result in a fun-looking ball, which will be safe for kids to throw around and it will float as well. If you can buy colourful sponges, then you can make the ball even more fun. Just make sure you take them out of the pool so they don’t clog up the filter.

A Volleyball Net

Make your own swimming pool volley ball net out of pool noodles and netting!
Make your own volley ball net for your swimming pool! Via: Instructables

One of the most common games kids play in a pool is throwing around a large inflatable ball. You can make a volleyball net for them with a few simple materials. What you need is a couple of pool noodles, some netting, which can be found at any fabric store, and some duct tape to piece it all together. Kids will enjoy this, as it will add a new aspect to a game that they already love.

Toys Using Craft Foam

Use craft foam to create adorable and fun toys for your pool.
Craft foam is a great way to make your own pool toys! Via: AliExpress

With a single sheet of craft foam you can make fun toys for kids, such as dinosaurs and other animals. With craft foam, you can also take requests. If your kid wants you to make a little version of him or her, then you can, by simply carving it out.

Final Thoughts

These DIY pool toys can be made inexpensively in no time at all, and they are sure to make kids enjoy the pool even more than they already do. The toys that you make can last for several summers, which means that they’ll entertain your kids for a long time to come.


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