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5 Cheap Kitchen Design Ideas that Will Blow your Mind

Remodeling our kitchens in an inexpensive and personalized way grants us a priceless and rewarding feeling. Often we put aside home decor for the sake of saving money, however there are several things we can do with the furniture and decorative items we already own. The secret is to provide a little time for thinking and being creative.To help you in this task, we have come up with some amazing ideas to apply in your kitchen. It is possible to leave your home decor with a modern and sustainable personality all by doing it yourself.

1. Use a copper pipe as a paper towel holder.

Use a copper pipe as a paper towel holder to give your kitchen an industrial personality.
Add some personality to your kitchen with a copper pipe paper towel holder. Via Squirrelly Minds

Have fun implementing copper pipe into your design. A copper pipe paper towel holder will make a beautiful paper towel holder.

2. Upgrade cheap IKEA shelves by spray-painting the hardware gold.

Spray paint the hardware of an Ikea shelving system to give it more personality.
Turn your shelves from cheap to chic with a little gold spray paint. Via Pinterest

Add some gold to inexpensive shelves and chazzam! You’ve got a cool deloused yet chic look.

3. You can also use marble contact paper ($25) for a chic DIY backsplash.

Marble contact paper is a cheap and effective way to get a great backsplash.
Marble contact paper is a great way to put in your own backsplash for cheap. Via Sarah Sherman Samuel

The marble contact paper provides a cool and clean look. See how beautiful it goes with copper and wood!

4. DIY a minimalist pegboard for storage that doubles as art.

Paint a peg board with chalkboard paint and plan out where your pots and pans will go. Then use a chalk marker to outline the spots so you always know where to put your pots and pans.
Turn a regular peg board into an artsy one with chalkboard paint. Via A Beautiful Mess

Get artsy and learn how to make this useful and creative pegboard for storage. Learn how here.

5. Upgrade your refrigerator with gold duct tape.

Use gold duct tape to give your fridge a cheap and incredible makeover.
Gold duct tape will give your fridge a great makeover. Via Honey and Fitz

This DIY Gold Tape Striped Fridge will add priceless personality to your kitchen for five bucks.

Lack of space and money will no longer be an excuse with these awesome ideas.Find more here.


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