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5 of The Best and Heartiest Cold Morning Breakfasts

“I can’t think of anything more noble to go to war over, than bacon and eggs.” -Ron Swanson

On a cool autumn or cold winter morning, a hearty breakfast is absolutely crucial to keep you warm as you venture out to your vehicle on your way to work. It’s equally crucial for fueling your body and mind to get through the first of the day at work, and to establish a healthy eating routine. As a New England resident, I am acutely aware of these facts and do my level best to get a hearty breakfast in my system on cool or cold mornings. Since I have fairly extensive experience in this most important of hearty meals, I’ve put together a small list of breakfast dishes that can be game changers on frosty mornings.


Baked Apple Walnut Oatmeal


If you’re an oatmeal person, you’re probably used to adding boiling water and waiting for the oats to absorb the liquid. This baked oatmeal breakfast adds apples and walnuts to the equation, and comes out sort of like a breakfast crumble. Whatever you liken it to, this dish is great on a morning when there’s frost on the windshield.

Cornmeal Pancakes


As a departure from the classic yet boring pancake, these vegan cornmeal pancakes are a great way to start your day. They’re exceptional when paired with fresh fruit or authentic maple syrup of any grade.

Corned Beef Hash


Long a mainstay of highway diners and small town breakfast joints, corned beef hash is a great way to combat the winter chills. Hearty and delicious, this dish has been served at American breakfast tables since at least the arrival of the first Irish immigrants in the 17th century. For a complete one dish meal, simply fry an egg in with the hash and enjoy.

Ham Steak And Baked Beans


Prevalent along the waterfronts and in the working class neighborhoods of the Northeast, beaked beans and ham steak once the staple breakfast of the New England workman. Add a piece of rye toast or hearty annadama bread for a true New England breakfast, or add half a roasted tomato and some bacon to make it a true English breakfast.

Thick Veggie Omelette


On a cold morning in the dead of winter, sometimes vegetables are a necessary part of breakfast, if only to remind you that summer will be back eventually. This fantastic egg and veggie dish is just the ticket for chasing away chilly morning dreariness by providing a mouthful of summer with every bite.

If the chilly mornings of autumn and winter have got you needing fuel, any of these dishes will get your motor running as you blink the sleep from your eyes. They’re all also easy to make, which is a godsend before the sun comes up. This year, don’t settle for cold cereal on cold mornings-have a hearty breakfast and start your day right.


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