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7 DIY Herb Gardens Sure to Spice Up Your Life

There are many benefits to having an indoor herb garden. By starting your own indoor herb garden, you’ll learn new gardening techniques, find new recipes in which to use your herbs, save money, and even reduce your stress tremendously. You may think you don’t have enough space for an indoor herb garden, but we’ve found seven fantastic ways you can incorporate one into your home and your life whether you have a mansion or a studio.

DIY Indoor Vertical Herb Garden

Pioneer Settler

If you have a blank wall in your home and you haven’t figured out what to do with it, consider crafting this DIY indoor vertical herb garden. This simple, no-fuss, no-muss vertical garden doubles as an elegantly modern focal point for any room and provides you with fresh herbs whenever you need them.

Narrow Vertical Indoor Herb Garden

Constant Contact

If you don’t have enough room for the vertical herb garden above, check out this narrower indoor herb garden option. The metal cables give it a more industrial look and the clean lines fit well with any decor style. If you don’t like the look of natural wood, you can always paint it bright and fun colors.

DIY Clothespin Planter

Family Chic

For an even smaller, table-friendly idea, make this adorable clothes pin planter. It’s a cute and simple way to grow your own herbs without taking up too much space on your table, countertops, or windowsill.

DIY Labeled Planter Herb Garden


New to herb gardening? By using paint to label your pots, you’ll never forget what you’re growing. There are many different ways to paint terra cotta planters, from plain paint to chalkboard paint to geometric designs, so you’ll be able to customize your herb planters to match your home’s decor style.

Repurposed Gutters Indoor Herb Garden

1001 Gardens

Have some old gutters lying around? Put them to good use by turning them into a charming do-it-yourself indoor herb garden. By painting a section of your wall with chalkboard paint and hanging the repurposed gutters, you’ll be able to keep track of your herbs in style.

Sunken Countertop Herb Garden


If you have a big stretch of countertop in your kitchen, put it to good use! Instead of simply setting your potted indoor herb garden on the surface, sink it into the countertop instead! By sinking your herb garden, you’ll create a sleek, immediately eye-catching way to break up the solid island top while keeping all of your fresh herbs close at hand.

Teacup Herb Garden

The Bowerbird Stories

If you love going to thrift stores, you know most of them are rife with old teacups. Stock up and give them a new purpose by housing your herbs. Mix different styles of teacups to give your indoor herb garden a vintage and eclectic style.


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