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73 Beautiful Things You Need to See Today

While some beauty might be in the eye of the beholder, we think pretty much everyone will find these images beautiful. From stunning works of art to incredibly well-timed photographs, these beautiful images will be sure to brighten your day!

Edgy Art

beautiful edgy art by artist duo STALLMAN

Artist duo STALLMAN clearly thought outside the box for their recent collection, “Canvas on Edge.” Using paint and canvas as sculpture, they created a technique in which the canvas creates an elevated line drawing. Different colors appear as you view the work from various angles, which adds to the impressive effect.

Mystical Lights

a stunning light fixture that resembles a large grapevine made of swarovski crystal grapes

A giant, illuminated tree hangs from the ceiling inside California’s Kathryn Hall Vineyard. Designed by Donald Lipski and Jonquil LeMaster, the creation resembles a large grapevine - filled with 1,500 Swarovski crystal grapes. Called “Chilean Red,” this grand light fixture’s name is an anagram for “chandelier.” Clever!

Woodland Magic

creative and whimsical fairytail-like sculptures

Half the reason these fairytale-looking sculptures are so fascinating is because they have no intention of lasting forever, as artist Spencer Byles cleverly intended. While exploring the forests in the region of Alpes-Maritimes in France, he created several of these whimsical designs with only natural materials and man-made objects, scattering them throughout three different pieces of land.

An Unlikely Sight

a rare fire rainbow in the sky over Isle of Palms in South Carolina

It’s always a treat to spy a rainbow in the sky, but people visiting the Isle of Palms in South Carolina looked up to see an especially unique one over the weekend. The “fire rainbow” (captured here by Instagrammer sseaburd) gets its name from its shape - it looks much more like a dancing flame than an arch. Sunlight struck ice crystals in the clouds at exactly the right angle to create what some called an “angelic” image.

Colorful Secrets

this takes DIY string art to a new level! Artistic duo Toki created this incredible piece of art in Washington DC

Tucked deep inside a secret location in Washington, DC (you have to go hunting to find it) is a colorful installation called the Synth Series, a three-part creation brought to life by the artistic duo Toki. Tolu and Khai, who make up the team, crafted the neon yarn display to visually represent music, rhythm, and movement.

Worth the Wait

an incredibly rare and well-timed shot of lightning striking the sky next to a rainbow

Arizona native Greg McCown once saw lightning strike as a rainbow arched above it on his routine commute to work. For seven years, he waited eagerly to actually catch it on camera - which was far from easy. The average person can’t react fast enough to shoot lighting as it strikes, so McCown used a lightning trigger to make this amazing photograph possible.

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