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8 Creative Room Dividers for More Space and Style

Room dividers are a necessity for those who want to create defined spaces within an open floor plan, want more privacy, or simply love the idea of creating separate spaces. No matter your reasoning, your room divider doesn’t have to be dull to be practical. These eight partitions combine function and form when it comes to creative and practical ways to divide and define your spaces.

Softwall Room Divider


The Softwall SW200 by B&B Italia is exactly what it sounds like - a soft wall. This room divider does triple duty by being a partition, piece of art, and practical way to store magazines, books, and other items. When you want your room divider to be both practical and a stylish, modern work of art, this is the one for you. It gets bonus points for being made from a soft material, making it more kid-friendly than the other dividers on this list.

Stretched Rope Room Divider


For an inexpensive, airy way to define separate spaces in your home, consider creating your own room divider with this creative and cheap use of stretched rope. While it may not grant you extra privacy, this partition is great if you want to divide your rooms without dividing your bank account.

Living Green Wall Room Divider

Home Interior Design

Landscaping isn’t only for the outdoors anymore. If you love nature, there’s no better way to divide your rooms than with a living wall divider. Get as creative as you want with these vertical gardens as you can create almost any look and style you want.

Modular Room Divider

1 Decor

Imagine a room divider that could be formed into anything whenever you wanted. That’s the idea behind the modular room divider system called Plug. Plug is an extremely versatile partition that can double as a clothes rack, desk, shelving system, or simply a room divider on wheels.

Toilet Paper Room Divider

Apartment Therapy

Whether you share a bathroom or simply hate when you run out of toilet tissue at the worst possible time, make a creative and practical way to store your toilet paper with this ingenious room divider.

PVC Pipe Room Divider


Looking for a more modern - and an admittedly less practical - way to separate your toilet from the rest of your bathroom? Use PVC pipes. Make your own work of modern art by cutting pipes of different sizes and adhering them together to form this stunning room divider. You might even be inspired from the previous entry to use toilet-roll-sized pipes to give yourself some extra storage space.

Fireplace Room Divider


Heat up the line between your rooms with a stunning fireplace as your divider. By using an open fireplace like the one above, both spaces can enjoy the beauty and warmth of a cozy fireplace.

DIY Hidden Door Bookcase

Hack N Mod

As the ultimate entry in practical room dividers, the hidden doorway bookcase is a classic way to divide your rooms. While bookcases on their own make interesting and useful room dividers, the hidden door in this partition takes the cake.


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