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8 Design Ideas for Every Style of Home Office

Designing your home office can be difficult. Knowing how to design the perfect home office for you is essential for productivity, comfort, and creativity. We’ve found eight unique styles of home office to serve as a base template for you to help you design your perfect space.

Modern Home Office


With home offices, the modern style is comprised of clean, straight lines with bursts of color. Many modern styles use stark white walls with neutral gray trim paint to help make your bold color accents pop.

Minimalist Home Office

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A minimalist home office embodies the saying “less is more.” Less clutter and fewer distractions make for a more productive work space. Similar to the modern style, minimalist home offices are created with clean lines and sleek design in mind.

Small Home Office

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A home office doesn’t have to take up an entire room. You can easily turn a bedroom closet into an exceptional home office with a little creativity, DIY skills, and well-organized storage.

Spacious Home Office

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Of course, if you have an extra room to use as a home office, there are many ways you can turn it into a productive space. Instead of having your desk take up the entire room, consider creating a defined seating area as well. This is especially helpful if you plan on meeting clients in your home office.

Traditional Home Office

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There’s a reason the traditional home office hasn’t gone out of style yet. Those who spend their nine-to-five days in a home office need it to be a solitary yet powerful space. The traditional home office excels at making bloggers, writers, or telecommuters feel like CEOs.

Masculine Home Office

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You don’t have to be male to appreciate a masculine home office. The masculine style of decor is generally considered to use natural materials, straight lines, and a darker color palette. That said, there are many women who prefer this style over floral prints and pink accents, so don’t be afraid to explore it if you like it.

Feminine Home Office

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The feminine home office could be considered by some to be the opposite of the masculine style. With soft textures, soft colors, and rounded furniture, the feminine style is instantly pleasing and comfortable for anyone who works there.

Shared Home Office


Instead of drawing a line in the middle of the room or trying to merge two or more personal styles into one home office, consider developing a new style you both can love and work in. Communication and compromise are key to making a shared home office work for everyone.


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