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Are Granite Countertops Going Out of Style?

Granite countertops are still stunning and beautiful, but are they going out of style? See what other new and upcoming countertop materials are quickly becoming more popular with homeowners!

Granite countertops used to be a luxury item only the wealthy could afford. Recently, however, granite prices have dropped low enough for granite countertops to become the standard in many kitchens. Due to the advancements of digging, cutting, and shaping granite countertops, many homeowners feel like the natural stone material is on its way out. Of course, it’s doubtful that granite will ever go completely out of style, it’s always good to know that there are many other options available, especially for homeowners who want more of a modern style rather than a classic one. Here are five alternatives to granite to keep in mind when you decide to update or remodel your kitchen.

Engineered Quartz

Engineered quartz countertops are the top compeitor against granite countertops. If you love the look of stone countertops but don't want to deal with the maintenance of granite, engineered quartz may be your new choice!
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Quickly becoming granite’s biggest competitor, engineered quartz is a new favorite countertop material among homeowners who want the stunning beauty of stone without having to deal with all of the maintenance required. With engineered quartz you never have to have it sealed because it is engineered to be non-porous. Another benefit of engineered quartz? It’s more durable and more resistant to scratches than granite.


Concrete countertops are about as customizable as you can get. They can be formed to any shape, and even have objects or patterns put in them!
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If you’re looking for the most customizable countertop material, look no further than concrete. With concrete, you can make your countertop any shape and even have sentimental objects imbedded in it or get it stamped with personal designs. Concrete can be colored, as well, so you’ll most likely be able to find the perfect concrete countertops for your kitchen.

Stainless Steel

There's a reason stainless steel countertops are used in restaurant kitchens - they're easy to clean, resistant to heat and stains, and incredibly resistant to bacteria.

While many people used to think that stainless steel was only for restaurants, nowadays it’s becoming quite the popular trend in modern kitchens. It’s easy to clean, it’s heat-resistant, stain-resistant, and bacteria won’t be able to stick or hide in its ultra smooth surface. One of the major downsides to getting stainless steel countertops installed in your kitchen is that they tend to be less scratch-resistant than other materials. However, this is easily solved by simply using a cutting board when preparing your meals.


While wood countertops do need a fair bit of maintenance, they add a warmth to the kitchen that no other countertop material can match.

Wood has seen a drastic increase as a countertop material in recent years, mainly because homeowners love how it adds a unique warmth to a kitchen. While wood countertops are certainly beautiful and very modern, they also require quite a bit of maintenance to keep them looking spectacular.


Glass countertops are easily the coolest and newest countertop material available. Easily customizable, glass countertops provide a unique aesthetic to any kitchen.
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If you want truly unique and eye-catchingly gorgeous countertops, glass is the way to go. Glass, like concrete, is extremely customizable. It’s incredibly heat-, stain-, and scratch-resistant as well. There are many different finishes you can choose from with glass countertops, and you can even add LED lights under them to turn your kitchen into a futuristic experience.

While granite countertops will most likely still be an incredibly popular choice for many kitchens, there are many other options out there to choose from. Before you decide on the material for your countertops, consider how you want your kitchen to look and how much maintenance you want to keep up with.


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