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What to Do With Your Bathroom This Year

Looking for a new project to invest this year? Here are some cool things you can do with your bathroom!

By eHARDHAT Contributor

2017 Sink Designs That Overflow with Beauty

The world of design is really fantastic. Every season, new shapes and colors are presented to us in ways we couldn’t possibly imagine. Here are some of the newest trends for kitchen and bathroom sinks according to the top designers.

By eHARDHAT Contributor

These Puppies Are Definitely Ready For Friday!

One thing is certain: every time we look, dogs seem to be falling asleep in a corner or brushing against another. Counting all naps, adult dogs sleep on average 14 hours a day, with some breeds reaching up to 18 hours a day.

By eHARDHAT Contributor

8 Creative Room Dividers for More Space and Style

Whether you want to better define the areas of your home or simply want a little more privacy, room dividers are now much more than a fold-out screen. Here are eight of the coolest and most creative partitions to divide your rooms.

By Kelly Mahan

3 Key Small Bathrooms Ideas When Remodeling

It is no surprise that bathroom remodeling is one of the most common home improvement projects today. An old home bathroom built years ago used to average about 5 by 8 feet. If you are stuck with these dimensions and need small bathroom ideas, do not worry.

By Danielle Lee

Secrets to Planning Great Bathroom Renovations

It's important to know how to get the most out of your bathroom remodel without having to flush too much money away. Use these easy tips when you're planning your bathroom remodeling work and you'll have a new room you'll love that will last and save you money over all!

By Dave Kostos

Benefits of Glass Shower Doors

Planning a bathroom remodel? Here's a few reasons why glass shower doors may be one of the best design choices you can make in terms of style and resale value!

By Dave Kostos

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