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How to Choose Between Wood and Foam Crown Molding?

Learn all about the pros and cons between these two popular crown molding options and make the right decision for your home!

By eHARDHAT Contributor

How to Remove Stain from Wood In Simple Steps

Wooden furniture has one of the most unique looks out there... making it hurt that much more when they stain. Fortunately, there are ways to remove even the deepest of stains!

By eHARDHAT Contributor

What You Should Do Before Installing Interior Trim

Learn all the details on how to install interior trim and give your home a finished look!

By eHARDHAT Contributor

7 Trellis Designs to Improve Your Garden

A trellis is a great addition to any home, and here are a few beautiful designs that look perfect for any outdoor space!

By eHARDHAT Contributor

3 DIY Rabbit Hutches for Your Adorable Fluffy Friends

Whether you’re a seasoned rabbit breeder or simply want to have a new fluffy friend, you don’t have to buy an expensive rabbit hutch! You can make your own DIY rabbit hutch and give your rabbits the home they deserve!

By Sean Mahan

8 of the Most Incredible Bookshelf Designs

These incredible bookshelf designs will melt the heart of every booklover!

By Isadora Guidoni

Build Your Own Wine Cellar in Time for Valentine's Day

If you’re like most wine enthusiasts, you’d love a specially designed place to store and age your wine. Despite what you may think, basements are perfect for this, and it can even be fun and easy to construct a wine cellar out of your home storage. The best thing to do is keep in mind how much wine you wish to store and how much care you want to put in to aging the wine correctly. There are many sweet spots when it comes to temperature, light, and humidity, so let this guide show you the way.

By Sean Mahan

How to Install Crown Molding

Crown molding is a wonderful accent that makes any room instantly more dramatic and elegant. Best of all, with the right motivation, the proper tools, and this handy guide anyone can install crown molding to bring a touch of class and charm to their home.

By Kelly Mahan

The Coolest Dog Houses Your Dog Will Beg You For

Dog houses were once unoriginal outdoor homes for your pup. Or a timeout for your spouse. Nowadays, however, tails are wagging over these amazing and luxurious dog houses. Treat your dog with his very own home where he can relax and enjoy lounging on his own deck or swimming in his own bone-shaped pool.

By Kelly Mahan

Woodworking 101: The DIY Birdhouse

If you’re looking to get into woodworking or trying to get your child into it, a DIY birdhouse is the perfect project for both new and experienced woodworkers.

By Kelly Mahan

Spice Up your Space: DIY Dining Room Projects for All Skill Levels

Your dining room shouldn’t be tasteless! Whether you’re brand new to the world of DIY or just shy of being a pro here are some simple, affordable ways to lend a bit of personal spice to your dining room!

By Dave Kostos

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