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5 Creative DIY Ways to Update Your Lamps

Do you ever wonder what you might be able to do with your simple old lamp shades? Well we have some suggestions for you.

By Sean Mahan

5 Lighting Upgrades Inspired by Fall

The temperatures are dropping and the leaves are starting to change - now more than ever is a great time to update your lighting as the nights are getting longer. Take a look at our favorite fall-inspired upgrades!

By Ty Leisey

Cute Ways to Use Dinosaurs in Your Home Decor

There's no two ways about it; dinosaurs are awesome. If your decorating a kid's room, sprucing up a birthday party, or just filling your own home with childlike wonder, dino decor can add a lot to your home's appeal. This article has quite a few ideas to help you out around your prehistoric house.

By Sean Mahan

Spice Up your Space: DIY Dining Room Projects for All Skill Levels

Your dining room shouldn’t be tasteless! Whether you’re brand new to the world of DIY or just shy of being a pro here are some simple, affordable ways to lend a bit of personal spice to your dining room!

By Dave Kostos

Designing Dining Room Lighting You’ll Love

Choosing the lighting design style that best suits your home's dining room can be difficult! Use this brief guide to understand some of the benefits and drawbacks of all your major lighting styles options.

By Sean Mahan

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