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Which is Better: Slab or Crawl Space?

Check out the real slab vs crawl space pros and cons and make an informed decision for your new home!

By eHARDHAT Contributor

Here’s When You Should Worry About Foundation Cracks

Check out the most common types of foundation cracks and how to identify if they’re dangerous or not!

By eHARDHAT Contributor

How to Plan the Perfect Father's Day

Want to know how to plan the perfect Father’s Day for your dad? Check out these four simple tips!

By Diego Lopes

5 Steps to Help You Waterproof Your Basement

Waterproofing your basement is necessary to protect your belongings and the structural integrity of your house. If you’ve ever found water in your basement, this guide is for you!

By Diego Lopes

Build Your Own Wine Cellar in Time for Valentine's Day

If you’re like most wine enthusiasts, you’d love a specially designed place to store and age your wine. Despite what you may think, basements are perfect for this, and it can even be fun and easy to construct a wine cellar out of your home storage. The best thing to do is keep in mind how much wine you wish to store and how much care you want to put in to aging the wine correctly. There are many sweet spots when it comes to temperature, light, and humidity, so let this guide show you the way.

By Sean Mahan

Winter's Worst: How to Prevent Frost Heave Damage

Frost heave is one of the most dangerous threats your home faces through the winter season. Learn what it is and how to stop it from damaging your home with this basic guide.

By Dave Kostos

Save your Home’s Stability with Frost Heave Preventative Services

Your home’s foundation is vital to the reliability and stability of the entire building. Protect yours against dangerous frost heaving this year with these proven frost heave defense measures.

By Bill Madeira

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