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5 Lighting Upgrades Inspired by Fall

The temperatures are dropping and the leaves are starting to change - now more than ever is a great time to update your lighting as the nights are getting longer. Take a look at our favorite fall-inspired upgrades!

How to Throw a Grand Memorial Day Party

The long weekend honoring Memorial Day is often a time for festive gatherings decked out in tasteful patriotic colors. Wow your friends and family with these tips and tricks for Memorial Day Weekend decor.

Ten Backyard DIY Projects Sure to Inspire Summer Fun

It’s almost time for backyard parties and barbeques, but most backyards are still littered with the debris of the winter and leftover decor from last year. Give your yard an update (and your wallet a break) with these top ten DIYs.

Perfect DIY Gifts for Last-Minute Mother’s Day Shoppers

Still looking for that perfect Mother’s Day gift? Time’s running out pretty quickly but fortunately there’s still time for these DIY gifts ideas! Create the perfect gifts for all the mother-figures you’re celebrating this May 8th.

Your Quick and Dirty Guide to Weekend Spring Cleaning

You’re already switching out your winter clothes for summer clothes - why not take the opportunity to do a little spring cleaning? We’ve compiled all the cleaning tasks and tips we could think of, and the best part? You can do it all in one weekend.

Score with the Best Last-Minute Super Bowl Party of 2016!

The Super Bowl is #1 when it comes to yearly sporting events, and if you're throwing a Super Bowl party this year, a lack of planning could be the fumble that loses the game. Check out these last-minute ideas for inspiration and throw a party even the opponents will enjoy!

Choosing the Coolest Countertop for Your Space

Whether you’re looking to install some new countertops yourself or just browsing for inspiration, no one can deny the coolness of these countertops. Check out the top picks for your kitchen workspace!

Storage Solutions for Holiday Cheer

It’s never too early to think about the clean-up, and when it comes to Christmas decor, clean-up can fill you with more dread than joy. Don’t get the holiday blues before the holidays are over; these storage solution will have you saying ‘hallelujah!’!

Kitchen Planning Tips You'll Be Grateful for this Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, which means homeowners everywhere are stressing about the holidays ahead. But you no longer have to be! Check out these last minute tips and give thanks this year for a clean, coordinated kitchen and stress-free holiday.

How to Winterize for Wicked Winter Weather

After the terrible winter we had last year, who wants to be stuck in a house totally unprepared for freezing temperatures and miserable weather? If you’re dreading what the 2015 season might bring, now’s the time to get started winterizing your home with these tips.

Kitchen Tips for an Organized 2015 Holiday Season

Even if you’re a kitchen pro, the holidays can be a time of hectic cooking and overcrowding in the fridge.Take our advice on some tips to keep your kitchen cool and organized (and your sanity intact) throughout the 2015 holiday season!

Millennial Must-Haves: Remodeling Trends of a Generation

Whether you’re a millennial yourself wanting the remodel that’s trending, or you’re preparing your home for a market of younger buyers, these are the trends you’re going to want to know about!

8 Ways to Celebrate the Last Days of Summer

Did the summer come to an end a little sooner than you were expecting? Why not plan a ‘staycation’? Check out these fun ways to enjoy the last rays of summer sun, all from your very own home!

Incorporating Concrete in Your Interior Design

Concrete may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you’re thinking about remodeling your kitchen or living area, but once you read about its versatility, variation in color, and durability, we bet you’ll think again!

3 Methods for Removing Wallpaper on Your Own

Very few homeowners know just how easy removing wallpaper can be. With one of these three methods, you can be moving on to your next project in no time.

Why Choose Eco-Friendly Flooring?

Want to know what’s up with the eco-friendly flooring stuff that’s been trending lately? Read more for a better understanding of ‘eco-friendly’ and why it may be the right choice for you.

Summer Planting for Fall Harvest

It’s never too late to get out into the garden - brush off that green thumb and include these veggies in your summer garden for a bountiful, delicious fall harvest!

3 Ways to Prepare Your Yard for Summer

High temperatures and sunny weather are fast approaching. Get started early to create a welcoming and inviting outdoor space for plenty of summer fun!
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