Current Trends in Bathroom Remodeling

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More and more people are starting to use their bathroom as a den, of sorts. A place to relax and unwind after a stress filled day. Relaxation alone is not the only reason to remodel a bathroom, however. A bathroom renovation can boost the value of a home significantly, and is a good investment, even if you are not planning on selling your house right now.

After a recent poll of top remodeling experts from around the country here is the list of the current top twelve trends in bathroom remodeling.

Large roomy showers

Showers are getting bigger. Many homeowners are taking out their tubs in favor of bigger showers. A lot of bathroom contractors are asked to take out partial shower walls, or even shower walls altogether. This creates makes the entire tiled bathroom a large shower, known as the European approach. Also much more glass is used, with bathrooms getting more airy. Many pros are taking out sliding glass, and replacing it with heavier and thicker glass on hinges.

Dual vanities

Many contractors are asked to do sinks and vanities for both him and her, the dual vanity. This allows for separate storage, as well as separate looks. Many homeowners are also requesting more stylish sinks and faucets, with sinks that have their own stand, and faucets protruding directly from a wall.

More light

Many bathroom remodeling contractors are seeing an uptick in orders for brighter and more sun-filled master bathrooms. Many homeowners want additional windows and skylights in their bathrooms. The master bathroom is becoming sort of a sanctuary, a place to relax and unwind.

Jacuzzis replaced by soaking tubs

Many homeowners have already tried the jacuzzi and are now turning toward large soaking tubs. The tub is far from dead, instead it is evolving. These are deep tubs, with no jets. They also lack the large amount of decking that was so prevalent in the luxury tubs of the eighties and nineties.

Steam baths

Many homeowners are discovering the use of steam for relaxation. Many cultures traditionally have used steam in large communal bathhouses. Homeowners are now looking to bring that luxury home, via the master bathroom remodel. There are a number of things that must be installed for this to work, however: first, a vapor-tight door, since the steam room has to be insulated and completely enclosed. Second all surfaces must be either marble or tile. Then you need a floor drain and a seat, and lastly the ceiling of the bathroom has to be on a slope, to allow for condensation to be drained. Steam room systems can be installed in the garage and turned on via a switch when you come home. They usually take just ten minutes to heat up and you are ready for your luxurious steam bath.

Powerful ventilation

Many homeowners are looking for more powerful ventilation systems for their bathroom remodeling, Houston is an example where this is increasingly popular, due to the natural humidity of the city. The fans clear off the mirrors fast and help to extend the lifetime of expensive bathroom finishes. The motor can be installed in the attic, since it is much more powerful. If installed properly the whole system can be very quiet. There are even fans with built-in humidity sensors, that will turn on automatically.

Separate toilets

A big current trend is giving the toilet it's own private room, or at least a privacy wall. Traditionally, most American bathrooms combined toilets with bathrooms, but in many European countries the toilet gets it's own private room. This is something that is appearing more and more in the United States now as well, especially in master bathrooms.

Bathroom entertainment

Many homeowners are now requesting installation of flat-screen TVs and even small coolers for beer and beverages in their bathrooms. TVs can even be installed behind mirrors, so they are not seen unless turned on. While some are going for a more relaxed atmosphere in their bathroom, many are finding themselves bored, while taking a shower, or just want to stay on top of the game while taking a bathroom break.

Green products

While many popular trends in bathroom remodeling focus on indulgence, decadence and luxury, it is important not to overlook another growing trend: green products and sustainability. There are many things you can do: if you opt for the heated bathroom floor, make sure it is attached to a timer, so it turns off automatically and does not waste energy. There are also low-flow toilets available from companies like Toto and Kohler, a popular option is the Kohler dual flush toilet. They have two flush buttons: with one of the buttons releasing much less water when a small volume is needed.

Quality tiles

In years past bathrooms have been characterized by boring glazed tiles and linoleum. If you want to liven up your bathroom, however, it is not necessary to break the bank on expensive imported Italian marble. Many much more affordable options are available, such as porcelain, stone or even glass tiles. If you are planning on selling your home soon, it is recommended to stick to more natural tones for things that are glued down: light browns, cool greens and blues. If you want to brighten up the look you can do that with less permanent ornaments, such as towels and wall paint.

Additional storage

Additional storage is something that is on the rise as well. Big drawers is something that may work in kitchens, but not necessarily in bathrooms. Small drawers and dividers are needed. Vertical storage is something that is requested of almost every bathroom remodeling contractor now. Contractors are asked to do towers, with drawers starting at the bathroom countertop and going up. This way all the toiletries are easy to get to. Vanity cabinets and medicine cabinets with special outlets for curling irons, electric toothbrushes and shavers are also popular. These help to reduce the clutter and help to create a pleasant overall bathroom experience.

Handle bars

Up until recently grab bars would only be found in a nursing home. These would be hand bars attached firmly to the wall, to keep a person from falling down and incurring an injury. Many accidents occur in bathrooms, with some saying it is the #1 room in the house for injuries, so a lot of younger people, not just senior citizens, are embracing them. This is also because modern grab bars have a much less institutional look to them, many looking quite stylish. Some are even installing benches in the shower, to help facilitate safety.

Bathroom heating

People complain about the bathroom floor being cold in winter, especially in Northern US. While someone looking to do Los Angeles bathroom remodeling may not be particularly interested in this, a person looked to do Chicago bathroom remodeling may see things very differently. Many contractors are now installing a product called Nuheat, a mesh that is placed under the bathroom tiles and then connected to a wall thermostat. This can be done for just hundreds of dollars, not thousands.

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