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6 Kitchen Remodeling Tips and Ideas

There is just so much your kitchen can take. After years of great service, everything starts to look worn out. This is often the best time to begin full kitchen remodeling. There are many different aspects of your kitchen that need to get special attention when your remodel. The kitchen cabinets, the floor, the walls, and the countertops are some of the crucial parts that you cannot afford to overlook. Revamping your kitchen and giving it a more modern look is however easy. All you need is a simple design approach and a few tips to help you get the job done.

“If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.” - Harry S Truman

We have prepared a few kitchen remodeling ideas for you below:

Revamp the Cabinets

From wood to beauty
Truly a night and day difference. Source: The Inspired Room

As your kitchen starts to wear out, the cabinets will be the first to suffer. The first step in kitchen remodeling is revamping the cabinets. We recommend Benjamin Moore patriotic white color on cabinets with new custom fronts to complement the look. You can consider adding Formica counters with marble or white subway tiles. This will definitely deliver the ultimate modern look for you.

The Three Different Types of Cabinets Are:

  • Stock - Pre-made units, available for low prices
  • Semi-custom - Stock but with extra detailing options
  • Custom - Fully customized to your specific needs

Consider Changing the Layout

A poorly planned layout can affect the way your kitchen looks. This is made worse with basic fixtures and finishes that are quite common in many kitchens. You can revamp this boring and outdated look with a few simple ideas. The first thing you should do is to get rid of the stainless steel sink that was probably installed when the house was being built. Add apron-front porcelain to increase the charm. Consider elegant finishes and modern fixtures too.

Avoid Clutter

Remove clutter and stay organized.
Organization in the kitchen is key. Source: Personal Organization

In every home remodeling project, getting rid of the clutter is often the most important step. A small kitchen filled with many appliances will never look good. Consider adding a new breakfast bar with storage underneath. Butcher block countertops with black cabinet finishing will also come handy. Finish the design with a porcelain apron sink and large industrial pendant lights. It’s simply perfect!

Remove Old Cabinetry and Tile Counters

Dated kitchens with old and worn out cabinetry don’t look good. If you have outdated tile counters, it is indeed time to make the switch. For smaller kitchens, IKEA units would be a good choice. Paint them beige and top it up with zinc for the best ambiance. Open shelving to display collectibles will give you a rustic design as the creamy white paint on the ceiling maintains an elegant feel to everything.

The Bad Kitchen Cliché

The bad kitchen cliché is so common in many homes. It’s simply a kitchen that still features outdated faux brick backsplash, Formica counters, and dark cabinets. There are many designs that have helped us move past this. To revamp this look, consider adding cheap subway tiles. Plenty of white will also do. Add a few IKEA cabinets and a butcher-block countertop to bring everything together. A farmhouse style sink and antique bakery table will also add to the magic.

Open Shelving

Here's the dramatic difference in a kitchen
Beautiful kitchen cabinets and countertops. Source: Groomed home

The idea of having cabinets installed in your kitchen is a no brainer. After all, it’s common practice to have cabinets in all kitchens. But if you are constrained in terms of space, you can use open shelving. Open shelving will make it easier to open up storage, but more importantly, it will play a big role in enhancing the décor of your kitchen. White or any other brightly colored paint should do for open shelving.

Remodeling your kitchen and giving it the look it deserves takes very simple things. The simple designs above are all relatively affordable and will not take too much time to get them done. The ultimate goal is to make your kitchen more modern, spacious, and stylish. You should also get rid of old worn out stuff in favor of new more elegant solutions. Take your time and pick a design that will work best for you.

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