Best Fragrant Flowers for the Garden

Fragrance is an important part of the garden. However, it’s something that most people tend to overlook. A garden with fresh fragrant flowers can significantly improve your overall outdoor experience and as such, it’s something that you should keep in mind. In addition to this, adding more flowers to the garden will help improve the landscape making it more beautiful and breathtaking. With the right flowers, you can transform your garden to a beautiful, soothing, and refreshing place to relax and enjoy the outdoors.

However, because most fragrant flowers tend to bloom for a very short time, in order to ensure there is constant freshness it would be best to plant a wide variety at different times. You can combine the flowers with other shrubs for the best outcome. Our list below is divided into three categories. We have picked annual flowers, perennial flowers, and a list of shrubs that will produce fragrant flowers.

Here are some of the best fragrant flowers that you can add to your garden:

Best Fragrant Annuals

White flowers look great in any garden
Wouldn't these look great in the garden? Source: BHG

There are many annual flowers that can give you that amazing freshness that you are looking for in your garden.

  1. Devil’s Trumpet - This is a night blooming plant in purple or white. The flowers are highly scented and they are also big and quite pretty.
  2. The Moonflower - The Moonflower is also known as the Jimson Weed and it’s basically a wild version of Datura. This plant requires regular watering and sun in order to blossom and release its fresh fragrance.
  3. Evening Scented Stock - This is also a night bloomer that displays beautiful and highly scented pastel flowers. The flowers release a spicy and memorable fragrance.
  4. Heliotrope - Although the flower can be grown as a perennial plant in warm weather, it’s considered an annual too. Its white flowers with a touch of mauve and sometimes purple produce breathtaking scents to go with the outdoor vibe.

Best Fragrant Perennials

These smell delightfully
These flowers will really scent up your garden. Source: Gardenia

In case you want to add a few perennial flowers into the mix, here are the most recommended picks from us:

Daffodils - This flower is the signal that spring is almost upon us. The flower comes in shades of yellow, orange, white, and even pink. It produces unique scents too and can even be cut and be used in the dining table for the ultimate home fragrance.

Pinks - Pinks can be easily grown as perennial, biennial or annual plants. There’s a wide range of varieties too, and while they are often referred to as pinks, they come in different colors including yellow, mauve, red, pink, and white.

Lily of the Valley - The plant produces sweet-smelling, bell-shaped white flowers. Its rich and deceptively shiny dark green leaves add to its special look. The scent is also on another level. A great flower to have in your garden!

Best Fragrant Flowering Shrubs

Some nice lilacs for the yard
Look and smell great. Source: Care

Having shrubs that produce fragrant flowers on the garden is also a great idea and here are a few great choices to look at:

Lilac - Lilac is one of the highly scented shrubs out there and a very common choice for most gardens across the country. There are a few varieties of the plant but we recommend hybrids from France that produce big and freshly smelling blossoms.

Star Jasmine - This is an evergreen vine that’s very popular in southern Asia. However, it has found its way in the US too. Its star-shaped white flowers produce a very unique scent. The plant is often referred to as “the perfume of love” because of its sweet scent.

Gardenia - The waxy white blossoms of this plant are quite popular with gardeners. The plant is fairly common around the world but is its delicious tropical scent that really makes it stand out.

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