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Build Your Own Wine Cellar in Time for Valentine's Day

There are many different factors to creating the perfect wine cellar, all aimed at making sure the wine doesn’t turn into vinegar, become corked, or is otherwise ruined. The previously mentioned temperature, humidity, and sunlight are important, but also lighting, cooling, and display count as well. Let’s go over what it takes to build the perfect wine cellar for your home.


Quality Control

First off, protect your wine from any amount of sunlight. It’s even ideal to prevent exposure to artificial light. Second, make sure the wine stays around about fifty five degrees fahrenheit. You have about four of five degrees for wiggle room, but any much higher and the wine will age faster, and lower temperatures means the wine will age slower. Also, the ideal humidity setting is fifty seven percent. Anything above seventy can eventually lead to mold growth, and anything below fifty could cause the cork to dry out. Remember, you’re taking care of the cork as well as the glass.

The Start: Framework

The majority of pros recommend going with either a 2x4 or 2x6 walls, with the deciding factor being space vs. quality control. 2x6 means for more control with the heat and humidity, but also takes up more space. Once the framework is up, next comes insulation. Non-shrinking closed cell spray foam is recommended to be installed in between, as this creates a vapor barrier which is highly beneficial to your wine cellar. Not having spray foam as insulation creates a few issues, because you still need a vapor barrier for proper conditions. After that’s taken care of, put up the drywall and get ready for the next few steps.

Finally: Cosmetics

It wouldn’t be a personalized room without some custom furniture. So there are a lot of different ways you can go when it comes to materials and equipment. Cooling systems should probably be the first installment to address before the aesthetic choices. Once that is in place, the next best thing to do would be to pick out the type of wine racking that seems best for you. This can be as simple as black metal bars or as ornate as a


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