Tips for Getting Showroom Worthy Kitchens Cheap!

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Tips for Getting Showroom Worthy Kitchens Cheap!

It is the joy of every home owner to have a colorful and attractive kitchen despite the fact that most visitors will not peep in and look at it. Coordinating colors between your kitchen countertops and your kitchen cabinets is a good move but will not guarantee you an overall good look. There are other things you will have to do to get that kitchen that will have people talking about. Having your countertops and cabinetry match your lifestyle is the appropriate way. For instance, big cabinets with durable countertops are the best for big families. It is however important to first bring the countertop and cabinetry samples to see if they will suit your home. Additionally, you should be budget conscious while at it. Let's go into details and see what you should look for.


Your choice for the countertops and cabinetry should be influenced by the existing decor of your entire house. A dark espresso will go hand-in-hand with a sleek stainless-steel. If you want your kitchen to have a contemporary yet modern look then you can try shaker-style cabinets. Dark brown cabinetry will also compliment a granite countertop and so will a Cape Cod cabinet to white. Match colors and styles effectively to maximize the effect of the remodel.

Color and Texture

When it comes to color, it all depends on what the you want. Since cabinets are built from bamboo, glass, solid wood and other man made materials, staining or painting them is not a hard task. However, it is advisable to have your countertops match your cabinets with stark contrasting colors. Black countertops and white cabinets are common but they leave your kitchen looking like many others. If you want to play it safe then you can have laminate countertops since they match with any color. To stand out, shiny stainless-steel countertops have a bold contemporary look next to bright colors like lime green cabinets.


It is important to keep your family in mind when looking for good kitchen cabinets or when you have settled for particular kitchen countertops. Base cabinets are the best for a house that has children. Tall floor cabinets are also appropriate for kids since the drawers can be pulled easily. This makes the kitchen even safer since you won't have to worry about your child falling from stools. There is a wide range of countertops ranging from concrete, granite and wood. However, these types of countertops need maintenance and are not the best if the house is crowded. Perhaps you can settle for laminate, stainless steel, quartz or engineered stone since they call for little work.


Stock cabinets are the most budget-friendly cabinets on the market. These are the types of cabinets that are pre-built in standard sizes, finishes and styles. You can save more than enough if you stain or paint them yourself. When it comes to countertops, tile and laminate are the most appropriate if you want to stick to your budget. They match well with stock cabinets and give your kitchen countertops that are economical in assorted patterns and colors.

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