Don't Get Ripped Off by Carpet Installers

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Don't Get Ripped Off by Carpet Installers

Did you just get new carpet installed in your home? If the answer is yes, you need to be certain of one thing, and that's if the carpet installation was done correctly by your handyman. Examining a few details closely can help you ascertain if it was done right or not. Carpet installation is something that can prove to be tricky at times. Therefore, it does take a keen eye, and this eye must able to view some things up close and personal. Carpet installation that has been done on stairs and rooms where your carpet makes a transition to another type of flooring material such as tile, laminate, or hardwood should be looked at first. This will tell you if the carpet was installed properly, or the possibility of having to do a full-fledged carpet investigation further.

Devoid of Wrinkles or Folds on the Surface?

Look at the face of your new carpet very closely. Do you see any existing folds or wrinkles that make the carpet appear as if it looks rippled or warped in view? If your installer didn't pull or stretch the carpet adequately over their carpet tacks, the surface can crinkle up. You should then step gently on to the crinkle itself to find out if it disappear right away. If it goes away quickly, then there was a slight wrinkle inside the under-carpet padding, which is no problem. However, if the crinkle doesn't disappear, the carpet was not installed as well as it should have been.

Unsightly Seams at Flooring Borders and Walls?

Look at the carpet where it comes together with the baseboards, walls, doorways, and other flooring materials. If you find any loose, frayed edges that are not tucked in neatly as they should be, under these features. This means that the carpet has not been installed properly at all. Carpet installers make sure to secure these edges with carpet tacks, as well as some adhesives, transition strips, or carpet tape to lessen the chances of the carpet being able to separate itself from the wall or unraveling from the corners. If you notice any unsightly seems, contact the carpet installer immediately.

No Divets or Buckling Present?

Lay down and view your carpet from its side. Then move to another perspective to look at the carpet in a different direction. If there is no bucking, dips, or divets present on the face of the carpet. The carpet installer did a quality job. Your carpeted floor ought to be both level and smooth in appearance. If you do take notice of any trouble spots, the carpet padding beneath might've buckled for some reason. Otherwise it's possible that you have got a subfloor that is damaged or warped somehow; this is not the installer's mistake at all. Nonetheless, a quality carpet installer would have made a note of this inconsistency in the subfloor, and reported it before doing any installation of the carpeting.

Edges and Stair Liners that Aren't Secure?

You should check your newly carpeted stairs for any loose edges. Look very closely at the area where the stairs meet with the walls to confirm that there is a smooth and even edge going all the way along. Any carpet that is affixed to the side of the stairway, along the staircase itself, are done to guarantee full adhesion. Go and look over the other edge of the stairs, checking the exposed side, which supports the stairs railing itself. Ensure that the carpet wraps tightly around the rails. There should be no existing loose ends or gaps present. Do look at the sides, and if they kind of look similar to the ends of a birthday present that's neatly wrapped, then you will know your carpet is installed correctly.

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