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Expert Tips for Dazzling Christmas Lights

The festive season is one of the most heartwarming periods of the year. Everyone always seems to be in a great mood and the holiday cheer can make even the dullest moments seem brighter. But one thing that sets the right mood during Christmas is the lighting.

Christmas lighting is a tradition that has stood for years and years. For every holiday, new and innovative lighting solutions emerge to cater to different people. However, in case you are having issues deciding the lighting you want and how to install it, we have prepared a few expert tips here below to help you out.

How to Hang Lights on a Christmas Tree 

The first, and perhaps the most important thing, you will have to do during the holidays is to decorate your Christmas trees with proper lighting. Hanging lights on the Christmas tree often seems like an easy task but it’s harder than what most people think. 

Here are a few tips that may help you with this:

  • Don’t wrap the lights around the tree in a maypole style. Instead, mentally divide your tree into three different triangular sections. Start from the top section, head to the bottom, and finish up with the tree cone.

  • When you plug in the first set of string lights, make sure the last bulb is nestled at the top of the tree just next to the trunk. You may also need to weave the tree lights back and forth, making sure you don’t cross the cord over itself. Hanging 300 lights on a single tree isn’t easy so take your time.

  • Once you are done, light up the lights and take a step back. Observe the tree and see if there are any dark holes. If you see any, fill them up with additional lights without cluttering them too much.

What If You Are Using an Artificial Tree? 

Artificial trees are easier to operate than natural trees. It should take you less time and less effort hanging lights on them compared to natural ones. The trees feature open sections that can be used to wrap up lights. You can easily get up to 100 lights tied up in one single miniature tree.

Why You Should Consider an Artificial Christmas Tree?

There is so much debate out there whether you should use an artificial or natural Christmas tree for the holidays. Natural trees have one important advantage. They come with that piney and wintry scent that will instantly put you in the Christmas spirit. However, these trees can easily create a mess and are often harder to light up not to mention the fact that you need to water them to keep them fresh. 

Natural trees may also cause allergic reactions in some people. Artificial trees are the exact opposite of all that. They are easy to maintain and are made from plastic so the risk of allergic reactions is very low. Hanging lights on artificial trees is also easy. If you don’t have the time to care for a tree or hang the lights, then you’d be better off going for an artificial one.

Minimalist Lighting Ideas 

In case you are looking for a simple and minimalist way to light up your tree, there is one technique you can use. Traditionally, you will be required to hang at least 100 lights for every foot of your Christmas tree. But 50 lights per foot should work out too. 

On average, homeowners looking for minimalist lighting ideas can use less than three boxes of 100 light strands to light up a 6-foot tree. Minimalists lighting doesn’t take away the beauty of a tree. If anything, it makes it easier for the tree to stand out.

There are many simple lighting ideas that will transform your home just in time for the holiday cheer. Contact a pro to make it even easier!


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