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How to Add Copper Accents to Your Home Decor

Copper is becoming an increasingly used metal in terms of everything home related. There are now copper fountains, copper sculptures, copper weather vanes, and even copper gutters. Not only is copper making a major appearance outside of homes, but interior decor is also taking notice. There are now custom copper vases, copper shelves, and even lighting fixtures are giving a huge nod to copper,. Because it’s the perfect blend of malleable, sturdy, and practical, the metal can be used for pretty much anything, and is currently doing so. Imagine entire bed frames made from stylish copper, with the unique quality of aging gracefully and becoming stronger over time unlike most building materials. That’s the real power of copper.

There is a wide array of copper products to choose from
Ann Marie has some copper reccommendations

Copper in the Kitchen

One of the biggest fads to emerge from the modern bar scene is the Russian mule mug. Just a copper mug filled with your choice vodka, ginger beer, and a touch of lime, this drink is the perfect complement to a warm summer day. The copper actually keeps the drink colder, what’s more refreshing than that? And the trend doesn’t just end there, copper is spreading out through the entire food prep area. WIth copper utensils, canisters, storage units, bowls, pans, spatulas, colanders, entire appliances, and even dining room chairs. With so many options, there’s no wrong way to decorate a kitchen with copper.

“I'm a very careful, slow writer, and I think a lot of that comes from the care required to be a hand-printer, where if something isn't spaced out enough, you take little slivers of brass or copper and put them between each letter.” -Paul Fleischman
Kitchen copper appliances and tools
Copper kitchen from nationoforange

Copper Bath and Bathroom

Thebathroom is also another hotspot where copper is making a major statement. With the addition of sinks, wash bowls, vanities, and custom brackets, copper is very much an applicable bathroom material. The sinks and piping are a great option because copper is a natural anti-bacterial material. The main draw of course, is the copper bathtub. Usually a classic claw-foot style, this elegant option will make you feel like Victorian era royalty. And not only does it look incredible, but there are numerous home and health benefits to owning such a unique tub. Here are just some of them:

  • “Green” material
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to maintain
  • Bacteria resistant
  • Mold Resistant
  • Naturally purified water
  • Naturally removes contaminants
  • Tub will “heal” itself over time
  • Retains heat longer
  • Naturally beautiful
  • Will add patina over time
  • Lasts forever
  • Smooth edges
  • Freestanding unit
The illustrious copper bathtub
Both of copper Pinterest

Home Decor in Copper

Nearly every interior room in your household can benefit from copper decor. Not only is it completely practical for home decorations, but it adds a unique and new style to a house that can’t be attained with any other material. There are frames, chairs, wall art, lighting fixtures, containers, and tables that can be added to any room you see fit. And as mentioned, the piece will only strengthen over time and resist damage.

Copper all around the homestead
Home copper decor let's talk mommy

Long story short, copper is a new phase in practical metal decorations for a household and you’re going to be sure to see more and more of it. The latest trends are trending for a reason, and copper is no different. So jump on the bandwagon and throw in some household copper today.


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