Deep Spring Cleaning: 7 Important Things You Might Be Forgetting

Deep spring cleaning is probably one of the most important home maintenance tasks that you can undertake and for good reason. 

The season comes with some very permitting warm weather that allows you to finally open up the house and clean every inch of your property after getting locked up for the winter. 

Since you will probably be doing this once a year, you owe it to yourself to make sure that you get it right and do a good job. 

Keep reading to find out a few small and big things that you may be ignoring in your deep spring cleaning this year!

Light Fixtures and Lamps 

Light fixtures are an integral part of any home but since they tend to be high up in the ceiling or somewhere away from our attention, they may escape your mind when cleaning. 

The sad part is that light fixtures and lamps tend to get massive accumulation of dust and other particles. If they go too long without getting cleaned they can pose several health risks for your family, such as allergies and asthma attacks.

With that in mind, don’t forget to include them in your spring cleaning checklist this year!

Top of Window Frames 

Just like the light fixtures, the top of your window frames is also relatively hidden from your eyes so it’s super easy to forget about them. 

As a result, the frames tend to accumulate dust and can be a very accommodating breeding ground for crawlers and other pests. Wiping the frame off with a dry cloth as part of your deep cleaning room checklist can go a long way in keeping it clean and pest free for a long time.

Upholstered Furniture 

One of the reasons why a lot of homeowners ignore upholstered furniture is simply because it’s very hard to clean. It’s not like a wooden table that you can wipe off with a cloth and some water. But this is not entirely true. 

As long as you have a vacuum cleaner, you can always clean up your upholstered sofas and other pieces of furniture in your ultimate cleaning list. Don’t forget to disinfect them, too.

Door Knobs 

Nobody even takes the time to think that the doorknobs may be dirty simply because they look  clean. However, door knobs could be the dirtiest parts of your home because the entire family touches it a lot. 

That’s why they need your attention, especially now that we are dealing with the global Coronavirus pandemic. And don’t just clean the door knobs alone - take the opportunity to go the extra mile and also disinfect them too.

Beneath the Rug

Well, how many times have you deep cleaned your house and didn’t really bother to lift up the rugs or the carpets to see what’s underneath? This is a huge mistake. 

It’s really hard to understand how that area under the carpet ends up so dirty and yet it happens. But even then, it is one area of your home that you cannot afford to miss during your spring cleaning.

Small Appliances 

You may also want to make sure that all those small appliances in your home are cleaned up as part of the spring clean up checklist. 

And don’t just focus on kitchen appliances only. Things like iron boxes too need to be wiped clean and disinfected whenever possible.

Picture Frames and Mirrors

Finally, take the time to also clean up the picture frames in your living room and the mirrors as well. There will be a lot of dust accumulated over these frames that need to be wiped clean. 

Take care not to use too much water though to avoid possibly damaging the wood. The inside of the mirror also needs to be polished to bring out that shining look.

Need some help cleaning the house while you’re busy with work or with the kids? Contact a local cleaning company and request a free quote!


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