Swimming Pools

What Kind of Pools Are Available?

Are you planning to install a pool on your property? Well, you will be happy to know that there are so many different designs available in the market today. Each design is unique in its own way and you can always pick something that works best for you.

We have prepared a simple list that will help you choose the best pool type for your needs and preferences.

Above-Ground Pools

Above ground pools make a fine addition to any home
Check out this amazing yard addition. Source: Collective Res

Above-ground pools represent a broad category of swimming pools that are built above the ground. In this case, there’s no need for excavation. The pool is built, the water put in, and that’s it. There are, of course, many different designs of above ground pools.

Inground Pools

You really can't ask for more than an in-ground pool
Jump into some summer fun with an in-ground pool. Source: Homesthetics 

This is also a broad category of pools in the market. It refers to the pools that are dug into the ground. Inground pools offer more customization compared to above-ground pools and can easily add value and aesthetic appeal to your home. However, they are relatively costly.

Family Pool

Kids playing in the pool are always fun to watch
Underwater shots can be fun. Source: Tipjunkie

Family pools are mostly in-ground and they are considered the perfect place for the family to bond and enjoy quality time together. The family pools can be large or small but they are big enough to fit everyone at the same time. Some designs are also smaller in terms of width but longer in length compared to traditional pools.

Indoor Pool

Indoor pools are a sight to behold, especially with this look
Inside pools are a different story altogether. Source: Decomg

Just as the name suggests, an indoor pool is located indoors. These kinds of pools may be located in a giant sunroom in order to allow light to come through. They can also be under an opaque roof. There are different designs of indoor pools too but due to space limitations, indoor pools tend to be smaller compared to traditional outdoor pools.

Infinity Pool

ANother fine example of what a pool can offer
An infinity pool can really make a difference in the backyard. Source: Homedsgn

An infinity pool is designed with vanishing edges, and it’s custom built to enhance or embellish a view. Infinity pools are usually built on top of tall buildings or on mountainside homes. The aim is to make it look like there’s no edge on either side of the pool. The infinity pool is one of the most beautiful pools you can have.

Lap Pool

A lap pool is usually built for fitness purposes. It’s a small-sized pool that you can dive in and swim back and forth for exercise. Lap pools tend to be long and narrow. Their design is also very basic so it’s very unlikely you will find any dramatic designs out there.

Kiddie Pool

Just the happiest black lab you've ever met
Look at that happy little face. Source: The Dodo

Kiddie pools are specifically created for children (and dogs seem to love them too). Most kids below the age of 10 can use a kiddie pool. The pools are colorful, normally above ground, and very shallow. They are a great place for the kids to have fun playing with the water the way they want.

Natural Pool

You can even have a sustainable pool installed
Check out this sustainable pool. Source: One kind design

A natural pool is designed to mimic the soothing wildness of a natural pool somewhere in the river or in the woods. The design has to be meticulous. Essentially, you will be turning your backyard into a natural rocky pool. This takes a lot of creativity in design but it’s very possible. Natural pools are popular because of the aesthetic appeal they bring to the landscape.

As you can see from the list above, the choices that you have when it comes to pool installation are extensive. However, there are still some factors to keep in mind before choosing the design of your choice. Things like the installation cost, size of your property, and design tastes will determine the type of pool you should go for in the long run. But if you simply want a place to relax during summer, any pool design will work just fine.

Considering having a swimming pool installed in your yard? Get a free estimate from a local pro today!

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