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6 DIY Doormat Ideas For Summer

Summer is always a great time for the entire family and if it’s not the tank tops or the flip flops, it’s always going to be the cute fancy doormats. There can never be a great summer without amazing doormats but you don’t need to waste time going to the store. In fact, if you want, there are simple DIY projects that you can use to create the best doormats this summer. And the great thing is that these doormats don’t need a lot of materials or a lot of skills, they are very simple.

So in case you’ve been looking for that perfect activity for summer that you can do with the whole family, here are some of the best DIY doormats you can make today:

Turquoise Doormat

Turquoise Doormat
Image Source: Buzzfeed

A simple turquoise doormat featuring a wide range of colors can be the perfect treat this summer. And because it’s summer, you’d do well to go for bright colors. Bright blue colors with a shade of dark blue can make the perfect combination. You can also add some yellow and gray if you want. The aim here is to make the doormat colorful. Although predominantly turquoise will always go well with mats, if you are thinking of adding more colors, you are still allowed. In any case, it’s all about your creativity and who knows the kind of artwork you’ll come up with.

Yellow Mat With A Touch Of Black

Yellow Mat With a touch of black
Image Source: Creatively Living Blog

There is something about yellow in summer that gets everyone salivating for a cold glass of lemonade. Well, how about you make this a welcome surprise on your doormat. A yellow doormat with a small touch of black can be a beautiful and unique way to revamp your front porch and if you could somehow match the door with yellow too and add a small yellow and green wreath, it will simply be charming.

Simple Melon Rug

Simple Melon Rug
Image Source: eHow

Nothing is better after a long summer day than a slice of red and juicy watermelon and in order to get everyone in the mood, consider this simple watermelon themed rug. It is very easy to make and has its own unique aesthetics that won’t disappoint anyone.

Pineapple Rug

Pineapple Rug
Image Source: Lydi Out Loud 

It seems the fruit themed DIY doormat ideas are not about to go away and why should they? After all, it’s a fruity summer, isn’t it? Well, it doesn’t get any better than this pineapple themed rug and while the yellow lemonade and the watermelon rug have their own measure of charm, this one is all that and more. It’s a simple and creative way to remind everyone to get in and have a pineapple slice but more so, it’s a beautiful doormat for any home.

Fruit Slice Welcome Mat

Fruit Slice Welcome Mat
Image Source: The House That Lars Built

The fruit slice welcome mat is of course aligned with the fruity theme of DIY summer doormats, but to be honest it’s a little bit more unique. It’s basically a slice of orange well crafted to offer the perfect welcome for anyone. Although this one is an orange slice, you can also make one resembling a watermelon slice, an apple slice or any other favorite fruit that you have in mind.

Plant Doormat

Plant Doormat
Image Source: My Breezy Room

Away from the fruit themes and enter this simple plant themed doormat that is just as charming. The colorful flowers on the mat are perfect for a welcome message and the great thing is that this is a simple enough DIY project that takes very little time.

Summer is here, so celebrate with fun exterior decor. DIY doormats are clearly a thing and the options above will offer any front door the perfect facelift in time for summer.


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