How to Build a DIY Fire Pit

An outdoor fire pit is very common. If you want to take advantage of the beauty that the fire pit has to offer, you can start building yours today. A fire pit can be the perfect place to hang out with your friends during a cold chilly night. It’s also a family-friendly addition to your outdoors. Nothing beats spending quality time with your family around a fire pit.

That’s why we have prepared a simple DIY guide to help you build the perfect fire pit.

Here’s the full breakdown:

What You Will Need

Here's what the finished product looks like
A classic, cozy fire pit for the backyard. Source: DIY Network

In order to build a fire pit, you will need a few supplies. First, get some stones. It would be nice to get stones that match the house or the retaining walls that you have already built. Each layer of the fire pit will probably need about 14 stones. So if you are going to build three layers, we are talking about a total of 52 stones. Go to your local home improvement store and get them. You will also need lava rock. The lava rocks will be placed at the center of the pit and you can find them in your local store. Finally, get some ice water to hydrate yourself while you work, a shovel to dig, and a level. A 3 feet level should do.


Select the place where you want to build the pit. Go ahead and put one layer of stones around the area so you can form a circle. Make a mark around the stones and then remove them. It’s important to make sure that the area is leveled before placing the stones. Start by reaping the grass off including the roots and clearing the area of any debris. Check the level before placing the stones.

Here's the how to: step-by-step
Building a fire pit from scratch. Source: Home bnc

Once the entire place is leveled, start placing the stones. The stones will be placed in alternating rows. Gently place them on top of one other until you build three rows. If you want to go above this it’s okay but don’t go above five rows otherwise it will turn into a fire well instead of a pit. As soon as the rows are in place, it’s now time to fill in the lava rock. You can do this right away or relax for a few minutes to gather your breath. Place the rocks gently inside the pit and spread them carefully until they level out.

Decorating Around the Fire Pit

Relaxing by an outdoor fire at the end of the day
Look at how inviting that looks. Source: Style Motavation

Building the fire pit is perhaps the easier part of the job. In order to make the area around the pit livable, you will need to do a few decorations. The first thing you should do is add some furniture. Some homeowners decide to create a concrete surface around the pit in order to easily facilitate the placing of furniture. There’s nothing wrong with it. However, instead of building the concrete right from the pit, consider leaving some layer of grass and then start out at least a meter from the pit.

You may also need to add a few lamps around the pit for décor. A few plant pots and raised plant beds would be a great addition. If you are feeling inspired, consider decorating with a small fountain around the pit. Don’t pick something sophisticated though. You want the pit to be the center of attention and not the fountain. You should also consider placing outdoor tables and benches. A side garden around the pit with roses and lush green shrubs may seem like a lot of work but if you are looking for the ultimate landscape for your property, you should definitely give it a thought.

Building a fire pit is a great way to revamp your landscape and expand your living space to the outdoors. The simple DIY guide above should help you build a great outdoor fire pit. Don’t forget to incorporate the decorating ideas listed above, and you will definitely love the results.

How are you going to build your DIY fire pit? Let us know in the comments below!

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