DIY Homemade Father’s Day Gift Ideas!

DIY projects for Father's Day
Father's Day gift ideas to DIY. Source: Kiddy Trend

Sometimes, a gift bought from a store does not send the message that you want to convey for Father’s Day. So, instead of buying one, get crafty and make a DIY gift for your dad! These fun and easy DIYs are great for the home and for kids to do as well. A unique gift such as this would let your dad know that you appreciate him. Here’s a list of DIY creative ideas where you’re sure to find something you’ll love! Some DIY projects include:

  • Do it yourself clothes
  • Homemade pre-shave oil
  • DIY cards
  • Tins for DIY home projects
  • Daddy coupons
  • T-shirt logo DIY
  • DIY home crafts
  • DIY kinder egg
  • Shaving kits
  • Baked goods
  • Other amazing craft ideas for adults

Mini Tin Toolboxes

Do you have empty Altoids tins lying around your home? Take them out and turn them into mini toolboxes. They make the perfect DIY gift for your dad this Father’s Day. Coins, bolts, nuts, and gums are perfect for these tins, as well as on-the-go supplies! The DIY network heartily recommends these easy little organizers.

“My daughter got me a ‘World’s Best Dad’ mug. So we know she’s sarcastic.” - Bob Odenkirk

Father’s Day Picnic

Outdoor do it yourself picnic with dad!
Family picnic time! Source: Share your Essays

DIY ideas that save money: many families go out for dinner on Father’s Day. To switch it up a bit (and save on money), leave fine dining for tomorrow or next week. Instead, enjoy a picnic on your lawn or in yourbackyard. The kids can also help in preparing the snacks and drinks. Have a stress-free and fun day in your backyard!

I Love You Daddy Card

DIY crafts. Source: Cheerfully Given

Show your dad that you love him with this cute craft. This can also be done by the kids. Just get scissors, a piece of paper, markers, printouts for your lettering, and other scrapbook materials that you can use. DIY paper crafts have never been so easy.

Jumbo Tape Dispenser

Do it yourself organization! Tape dispensary for Dad
Do it yourself house building. Source: Makezine

Do it yourself organization: most of our dads have numerous kinds of tape in their workshops. Electrical, painting, or duct tape, there’s a lot of options to be had. Chances are that they find it hard to find the ones that they need. What you can do for Father’s Day is helping your dad solve this problem by creating a gigantic tape dispenser. Now, his different tapes will be ready and organized.

Luggage Handle Cover

Traveling dads know that it is a hassle to locate a luggage among all other suitcases that are at a baggage carousel. Embellish dad’s suitcase by making a neat luggage handle. Your gift will help your dad in spotting his luggage at the airport. This is certainly a more easy easy creative crafts to make at home.

Goodie Basket

DIY Father's Day gift basket for the man of the household
DIY ideas crafts. Source: Art Town Gifts

Cool easy projects to do at home: gather dad’s favorite treats! Put them in a customized basket. You can let the kids help in organizing the basket. Have fun!.

Candy Gram

For this, you’ll have to come up with a fun and sweet message that is peppered with chocolate candy puns. This will be dad’s candy gram, which he will most definitely enjoy on Father’s Day. It’s a creative kitchen do it yourself project that the whole family will enjoy putting together.

Sketch a Shirt

DIY T-Shirt for Dad!
DIY shirt printing. Source: Ali Express

When mom and the kids combine their powers, your dad can get a do it yourself T-shirt! Be creative in making the illustrations and let the kids write classic messages for Father’s Day e.g. “World’s Best Dad.”

Bowtie Wrap

A quirky touch to the gift you already bought for your dad for Father’s Day is always a good idea. This bowtie wrap is the perfect addition and it will already make a huge difference. It’s also on the list of fun creative projects to do in your home!

Soda Can Coasters

DIY soda can coasters the kids will love to make
Easy DIYs to do at home. Source: Lorie Mason

Do you have kids that are older? Let them help you in making soda can coasters from dad’s favorite beer or soda! If you don’t have empty cans lying around, buy some from the store and empty them out into a container.

Pops for Pop

Do it yourself: kitchen ideas. Satisfy your dad’s sweet tooth by whipping up some cake pops that are just too cute to eat! You can decorate the cake pops with candies or add the cake pops on top of the cupcakes. Your design possibilities are endless.

Father’s Day Questionnaire

For Father’s Day, what could be more fun and endearing than a questionnaire that’s all about dad? Let the kids fill the questionnaires out. If you do, everyone will have a good laugh from the silly answers that the kids came up with. You can also frame the finished questionnaires so your dad has something to enjoy and display.


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