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8 DIY Family-Friendly Outdoor Games To Play This Summer

Adults and kids alike can benefit a lot from getting out and catching some sunshine. Your skin produces Vitamin D, the "sunshine vitamin," every single time you catch summer rays. Vitamin D is good for the body, but that is not the only benefit of playing outdoors with the whole family. Did you know that outdoor play actually promotes child development?

Additionally, summer outdoor games are excellent as they give you the chance to spend some quality time with your family. Check out these awesome lawn games we compiled for you below and create wonderful memories with your family this summer!

Frisbee Rounders

This game is perfect to involve the whole family!
This game is perfect to involve the whole family! Source: Pinterest

For this, there is no need for a ball and a bat. All you need to play rounders is a frisbee. Assign who the "batter" will be. He or she will be asked to throw the frisbee to a distance before running towards the bases. As for the fielding team, the aim is to retrieve the frisbee and stump a player before a home run is successfully made.

Clap and Catch

This game requires everyone to stand and form a circle. Assign a person who will be in the middle to throw the ball randomly to all the other players. Every time a player wants to catch the ball, he or she must clap before catching it or else the player will be forced to catch the ball with one hand on the next turn. If successful, the player can use both hands again.

Failure to catch the ball with only one hand means the player is out of the game.

Treasure Hunt

The little ones love treasure hunting!
The little ones love treasure hunting! Source: Journal News

Print out sheets for the nature hunt that contain images of outdoor objects, such as: 

  • Feathers 
  • Leaves
  • Pebbles
  • Small rocks
  • Etc

According to the rules of the game, players must track down the items listed. Gather everything in the list and return each one to the base, and you'll win the game!

Memory Game

Form a circle with the entire family. Begin by saying "I am thinking of ________." The person near the first one who spoke must repeat the sentence. He or she has to remember the object that was said and should add another object. The rest of the family adds an object until somebody starts to forget one of the objects that were mentioned. The person who remembers every single object and in the right order wins the game.

Blanket Volleyball

blanket volleyball
You can also switch the ball for water balloons! Source: A Girl and a Glue Gun

A picnic blanket is always present at a picnic. Use the blanket during this game! Gather everyone and divide the group into two teams. Just like volleyball, each team must be able to launch the ball to the other team but it must be done using the blanket!

True Statements and a Lie

To get to know each member of the family better, take turns by saying 2 true statements and 1 lie. Everyone else in the group must guess the lie out of the 3 statements that were given. There is no winner or loser with this game, but surely lots of fun.

Hide and Seek

Hide and seek
Everybody loves this classic game! Source: BBC

Put a twist on the hide and seek game by giving the person who is "it" with a tennis ball. The tennis ball will be used as a sign that the player holding it is the person seeking. Also, don't forget to set a boundary to where the participants can hide. This will ensure everyone will be seen and the game won't take a long time to finish.

Fruit Bowl

Stand in a circle and get labeled with a fruit, may it be a banana, orange, apple, or pear. Each of the participants must take turns saying a fruit at random. The one who is labeled with the mentioned fruit must run and ask to switch places with other participants. If one shouts "fruit bowl", every single player must find a new spot. This game does not have a winner, but it is super fun!

What do you think of these summer outdoor games? Let us know in the comment section below!


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