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You Have to Know More about Dutch Doors

Doesn’t it look beautiful?! Source: Schlage

Dutch doors are very common in old homes, and are known as split, half doors or double hung doors. The vintage nature of these doors can be breathtaking and they have been around since the 17th century. The doors are divided horizontally. This ensures that the bottom or upper part can easily be opened separately. The biggest benefit you get with Dutch doors is the open airflow. They can either be used in the exterior or the interior. 

In case you’re thinking of adding Dutch doors to your home, here are some inspirational design ideas to keep in mind.

Dutch Doors with Windows 

Dutch Doors with Windows
This type of doors is perfect letting air flow in. Source: Virtual Building 

There’s no doubt that the allure of Dutch doors is based on open nature. They can open on either side to allow airflow while still delivering a barrier. You can add class to these doors without changing their functionality with glass. Ideally, the upper part will act like a window.  The bottom part can also feature glass but it’s not necessary. This would be great for exterior doors.

Dramatic Entryway 

The entryway is such an important part of the exterior beauty of your home. You can create a dramatic effect on it by using a simple Dutch door design. The goal is to make the top part pure glass with thick wooden frames. For homes that have white or bright interior walls, this kind of entryway will deliver the perfect finish.

Farm Style Dutch Door

Farm Style Dutch Door
This farmhouse look can be a great addition to any home. Source: Country Living

Dutch doors are inherently vintage and if you don’t want to change them, it’s okay. After all, the vintage look is quite spectacular. A lot of people though tend to believe that farm style doors are only designed for farmhouses, but these doors can also be perfect for a contemporary home or even an apartment. Give them a try and see how they will transform your space.

Dutch Door for the Interior

Dutch Door for the Interior
This door is perfect to keep dogs out of the bedrooms! Source: A Flippen Life

Even though most of the time Dutch doors are used as exterior doors, you can still find a lot of joy in the interior. The design doesn’t need to change at all. Interior doors do work better if they are painted pure white, but any other bright color should also work. The doors can be used for the kitchen and the closet too.

Barn Dutch Door

In case you have a barn somewhere then you must consider Dutch doors. The logic here is actually simple. The doors allow a lot of natural light to come through while still making sure that there’s a barrier.

In addition to this, 

Vintage style Dutch doors will go very well with traditional barns. You don’t need glass for these ones. Two sections of wood at the top and the bottom will deliver great results.

Dutch Door with Transom Windows 

Dutch Door with Transom Windows
This idea is perfect for the backyard. Source: Decor Pad

The idea of adding windows to Dutch doors is highly recommended and the results will be visible right away. But in case you want to make things more elegant, you should consider transom windows instead of the traditional windows. 

Transom windows have a certain level of class to them. If you complement the look with a few plants on either side of the door then you will have a masterpiece. The plants can be real or synthetic. 

Dutch doors have been with us for centuries and it’s not hard to see why they are used in a lot of homes. But you can add your own little twist to these old doors with simple design improvements. The beautiful ideas above should get you started. They are all simple enough for anyone to explore and they will work with any type of home.

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