4 Eco-Friendly Fencing Options

Fencing is an integral part of many homes these days. Whether it’s for privacy, security, or landscaping, almost every home has a fence. However, although there are many fencing options that can be used, environmentally conscious homeowners are now starting to look into eco-friendly fencing solutions that can be trusted. The great thing is that the options here are quite interesting.

Cali Bamboo Fencing

Dark woods look great as fencing options
Bamboo fencing can be a unique addition to your home. Source: Elemental

Bamboo is a recent addition in fencing and it’s clear why its popularity among homeowners has been on the rise. Bamboo is the perfect definition of strength and durability with added ease of customization. Think of it as your average wood fence only this time it comes with the strength and durability of steel. Bamboo fence designs can be creatively customized, making it easier for you to get the design you are looking for. In addition to this, bamboo lasts long. As long as there’s a simple maintenance plan, you won’t have to worry about fencing for years.

The privacy and security offered are also good. But what makes bamboo a good option for many eco-friendly homeowners is its sustainability. Choosing bamboo will help reduce deforestation while delivering the unbridled natural appearance you’d normally get from wood.

Woven Hurdles Natural Fencing

Woven fencing is criminally underused in modern home design
Another interesting addition to a home. Source: Insteading

Woven hurdle fences may seem new but they have been here for centuries. Vintage style homes used to have this type of fences and when you look at the beauty, class, and elegance that these fences offer, you will definitely love them.

Hurdle fences have also been used in the British countryside to restrain cattle. They have a very strong history but they somewhat disappeared with the invention of steel, iron and other stronger and more durable fencing solutions. However, for people who’re simply looking for an eco-friendly fencing option that delivers class and elegance to their landscape, woven hurdles will indeed be ideal.

Privacy Trees and Shrubs

More eco-friendly fencing options
You can always use nature, as well! Source: Decoist

Is there any fencing option out there that’s more natural than trees and shrubs? The answer isno. If you don’t want to invest a lot of money on fencing, this is the kind of option you should go for. And make no mistake. Planting shrubs and trees is not settling for less in any way.

The beauty of full-grown shrubs, especially if they are well trimmed, can be breathtaking. Trees will help add shade and life to your property. In addition to this, shrubs will offer privacy and security too. Although it takes time to finally grow a full shrub fence, once it’s fully grown the only thing you need is trimming and pruning. The fence will last for generations unless of course, you decide to cut it all off. For homeowners who really want to do something for the environment, trees and shrubs should be at the top of your priorities list when it comes to fencing.

Reclaimed Wood Fencing

Never underestimate the glassless window
Use recycled wood to cut down on your carbon footprint. Source: Tierra

We all love wood fences but because of the role that these fences play in deforestation, some of us have decided to look for other alternative solutions. However, don’t give up just yet. In case you’re one of those homeowners who really love wooden fences, you can get them in a sustainable way by exploring reclaimed wood. There are many fencing companies today that are making reclaimed wooden fence designs. This is your chance to get a beautiful and classy wooden fence without contributing in any way to deforestation.

Fencing is vital not just for security and privacy but also for enhancing the beauty of your landscape. While there are several fencing options to work with these days, eco friendliness is becoming a vital consideration for many people. Not too many fences are that eco-friendly. For example, wood which is very popular contributes to deforestation while vinyl and PVC options have a negative effect on the oceans. If you truly want to protect the environment, you should definitely consider the options above.

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