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Where to Find Extra Storage Space at Home

Finding a little bit of extra storage in your home can be hard. It always seems like we have just too much stuff that we rarely have somewhere to put it. 

However, there are actually several innovative solutions you can explore to reclaim storage space or even use whatever corner you already have more efficiently. 

Before we get to these tips, it’s important to note that sometimes most of your storage is taken up by stuff you don’t even need or use. Consider decluttering your house before getting to the easy space storage tips here below:

Under It 

Isn’t this a really clever idea?! Source: Family Handyman
Isn’t this a really clever idea?! Source: Family Handyman

There’s a lot of space “under something” in your home that you rarely use. Take for example the space under your bed. That’s a lot of storage space that you’re not using. 

You can get a few storage bins, put in linens, toys, and all the stuff you don’t use, and tuck the bins away under your bed. This will clear up space on your closet and shelves, making sure you have storage extra space for your important stuff. 

Don’t forget the space under the sink. It can be converted into a storage cabinet for your kitchen with a very small DIY project. Your kitchen cabinets also may feature extra hidden spaces that you could easily take advantage of! 

Outdoor Storage 

It’s funny, when we think about storage we tend to concentrate more indoors than outdoors. 

There’s actually a lot of outdoor space that you can reclaim for storage. For example, consider building a small shed in one corner of your property. 

Here you can store things that you don’t use regularly, including things like exercise bikes, extra furniture, and others. Make sure the shed is also well organized so that it’s easier to find what you’re looking for.

You have the option to build a common shed, with doors that you can lock so you know your belongings are safe, or even an open version to store firewood and other others! 

Spaces Behind Doors

This tool rack saved a lot of floor space. Source: Family Handyman
This tool rack saved a lot of floor space. Source: Family Handyman

The space behind your interior doors can also be converted into a storage area. 

It’s not as effective as say an outdoor shed, but it can still be used to hold smaller items, giving you more flexibility with your storage. The best way to leverage this space is to install hanging hooks on it. 

This then allows you to hang things like coats and others. The hooks can also be great for kitchen storage ideas. You can use them for hanging pans and other kitchen utensils.

Vertical Spaces 

For those of you who aren’t using the vertical space on your walls, then there are a lot of shelving ideas to consider. 

Installing even a single shelf on your kitchen walls will expand storage massively. The great news is that there are many uniquely designed shelves that offer both practicality and immense decor value. 

In essence, you won’t just be getting more storage. You will also be accessorizing your walls in the process. Floating shelves, in particular, are very effective in this and you can customize them with whatever colors you like.

Get Organized with Containers

A storage trunk used as a coffee table. Source: Courtney G.
A storage trunk used as a coffee table. Source: Courtney G.

Remember we noted on the intro that reclaiming storage space isn’t the only thing you need to do. You must also try to use whatever space you have as efficiently as possible. Organizing your things with containers is a great way of doing this. 

It helps you declutter your spaces while making sure you have an organized storage system in place. This is actually one of those simple bedroom storage ideas that deliver excellent practicality.

Top of the Ceiling 

Small, but organized. Source: Apartment Therapy
Small, but organized. Source: Apartment Therapy

You will notice that in most kitchens, there’s always two or three feet of space between the cabinets and the ceiling. This space can be converted into storage by either adding additional cabinets, a storage rack, or even using the top of your existing cabinet as a makeshift shelf.

Getting enough storage at home takes a lot of creativity and efficiency. Even if you have a large home, you will always find yourself in situations where you’re running out of storage. 

A local carpenter can help you expand your kitchen cabinets, while a handyman can help you install some extra shelves around the house. For whatever service you need, you can request a free quote!


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