How to Keep Your Home Clean and Free from Coronavirus

The coronavirus outbreak has thrown everyone into turmoil. This highly contagious disease, which has proved deadly, is now a global pandemic. The US alone is dangerously heading towards 235,000 cases with over 5,600 deaths already reported, so focusing on proper safety measures is now more important than ever.

Other countries have already implemented shut down measures to prevent further spreading. The virus is no joke and even as you stay home with your family, you need to put in place some measures to ensure that you reduce the risk of it reaching your home.

Keep reading to learn more about keeping the house free from coronavirus! 

Clean Your Hands and Sanitize 

This one is probably the most obvious tip and you have already heard it over and over again – but that’s for a good reason. The best way to prevent coronavirus from making it to your home is to make sure that you clean and sanitize your hands as much as possible. This is especially important for people who are still going out there even with the lockdowns.

Whether you are going to shop for important groceries or prescription medicines, every time you step out of your door you expose yourself to this virus… and just imagine bringing it inside your home to infect your entire family.

Your hands touch a lot of surfaces and objects when you’re out, and there is no way of knowing if those surfaces are contaminated or not. Since you cannot afford to take any risks at this time, simply wash your hands and sanitize as soon as you get home and avoid touching your face before you do it. 

Also, don’t forget to leave your shoes at the door and sanitize them as well!

Sanitize Surfaces 

Sanitizing is not just for the hands. There would be absolutely no use in sanitizing your hands just to immediately touch a potentially contaminated surface. You need to make sure that you’re regularly cleaning and sanitizing all surfaces in your home, especially “high touch” surfaces.

Things like the kitchen counter, the sink, furniture, door knobs, drawer handles, even your own phone can be virus carriers. Making sure they are properly cleaned and disinfected will go a long way in reducing the risk of coronavirus infections. 

For large surfaces, use detergent to break down layers of dirt and then alcohol to properly sanitize it!If you find yourself short on time, consider calling house cleaning services to help you clean the house much faster.

Get as Informed as Possible 

Though coronaviruses in general are not new, the COVID-19 that’s caused this current pandemic is fairly new and we’re still learning about it. The best way to protect yourself from this virus is to arm yourself with knowledge.

There are many reliable sources of information that are constantly being updated on the best ways to be safe. Make sure you also get enough information about what to do in case you or someone in your family has been exposed – for example, the best and fastest way to reach for an emergency, which number to call if you have doubts, and what are your local regulations on going outside and recommended mask usage.

What to Do If Someone Falls Ill?

This is an unfortunate scenario but it’s still a very real possibility. There’s no way around it: it’s better to be prepared than to not be. 

If you believe that someone in your family may have been infected, there are several steps to take:

First, isolate them immediately. If you can isolate them in their own room, preferably where they have their own bathroom, then do it. 

Second, call a professional medical practitioner or an ambulance. They will take the affected person to a facility for additional care – and be sure to warn them about the possible COVID-19 infection so they can come prepared. If you had any interactions with the affected persons, you too may have been exposed.

Most people can recover by themselves at home, so you should isolate yourself for 14 days. This is a measure to prevent anyone else from getting infected. If, however, the symptoms start to worsen and compromise your health, you may need to go to a hospital as well. Call your local hospital and ask for instructions!

The coronavirus is the worst public health crisis that we have suffered through in a long time. It’s important to do our best to keep the disease away from risk groups, which is when this virus becomes substantially more lethal. If at all possible, reach out to local communities and provide help in any way you can, whether by donating or with manual labour (such as manufacturing masks), your help will be much appreciated!

You can always hire a cleaning company to perform a full cleaning in your home! Ask a professional cleaner for free quotes today!


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