How To Get Your House Ready For Summer

The summer months are here and while it’s always a welcome relief from the cold days of winter, if you are not ready, summer can sometimes be a difficult. The hot weather is good for a swim in the pool or a vacation on the beach, but it’s not good for your home’s interior. Your home needs to be ready for summer to ensure your family has a comfortable living environment they can enjoy. There are many great ways you can get your home ready for summer.

Here are some of the most effective ones:

Check the Windows

Repair, replace, and protect your windows
Fixing up the windows. Source: Modernize

The windows will be very important in summer because proper insulation means cold air will stay in your home. So it’s important to pay special attention to the insulation around air conditioning units. Check to see whether the frames are in place. Ensure there are no cracks or leaks. Open and close the windows to make sure that they function normally. If there is any difficulty in opening or closing then you need to have them fixed. And don’t forget to clean them up! While professional window cleaning is good, it can be expensive. You can use vinegar as an option to clean up the windows and make them look as good as new. Be sure to inspect the:

  • Panes
  • Shades
  • Sash
  • Curtains
  • Curtain rods
  • Frame
  • Sills
  • Any treatments

Freshen the Air

The luxury of fresh, clean air during the hot summer months is always nice, so be sure to crack open those windows if it starts to get stuffy inside. As you start to prepare your home for summer, ensure that there is fresh air flowing into the home. You can check the air conditioning to see if it’s working as intended. Keeping the airflow moving is always a beneficial idea.

It’s Time to Paint

Home painting either indoors or outdoors
A little paint can liven up a home. Source: Popular Mechanics

If you have been thinking about giving your home a makeover, then summer is the right time to do this. Painting in particular is done during summer and it’s a great time to update your interior, or even the exterior if you want. While the idea of painting on your own is always fun and exciting, if the job is too big, you should always get a professional painting service. Either way, your home will still get the much needed remake it needs.

“I don't paint to live, I live to paint.” Willem de Kooning

Get Rid of the Dead Grass

The exterior is still an important part of any home so when you are done working on the inside, move the job outside. The yard, in particular, will require your attention. Due to the cold weather, grass tends to die out. Remove these patches of dead grass and replant. Make sure the sprinkler is also working. You wouldn’t want to plant grass the whole day only to realize that the sprinkler wasn’t on.

Repair The Siding

Winter takes its toll on many things but nothing bears the brunt of the harsh weather more than the siding. You need to inspect your siding and see whether there is need for repairs. Even small damages need to be fixed to avoid bigger and more expensive problems. You may also want to make sure that the roof is inspected just to be safe. Just like the siding, the roof may have also been hit hard with bad weather and small repairs can go a long way in restoring its full functions.

The summer is always a great time for everyone and the only thing you need to do is to get ready. The tips above will surely come handy for any homeowner out there. They are plain, simple, and very practical.


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