How Much Does it Cost to Remove a Tree?

A home surrounded by healthy trees is very appealing to potential buyers and can increase the value of your home. With a huge variety of trees, each needs individual attention and custom maintenance. There are elm, fuji apple, sycamore, conifers, poplar, red and white oak, and so many more. All trees need the basics of watering, fertilization, and maintenance. Sometimes trees fall from strong storms or wither away from disease. In these cases, it is best to have these trees removed by professionals. Removing a tree yourself can be very dangerous if not carried out the right way and without taking the proper precautions or safety measure. The cost of removing a tree depends on several factors such as where it is located, it’s height, and width. Many homeowners are naive when it comes to the cost of removing a tree. It is generally said that if the tree is of higher risk, the price will also escalate with the hazards. For example, a tree that is near a fence, telephone line, or right by your house is more expensive to remove than a tree that is out in your yard. Also, the time spent removing a tree factors into the grand total as well. Most contractors want to get in, cut the tree, and move on to their next job. Before removing the tree, make sure that a permit is not needed to cut it down. If a permit is needed, this responsibility and cost is that of the homeowners.

The pricing of some tree removals are usually around these estimates. There are different pricing for each type of tree that needs to be removed. Smaller trees that are around 25 feet high costs usually around $150 to $500 per tree to cut down. Taller trees between 25 and 75 feet cost about $200 to $1,000 each tree to remove. Trees that are above 75 feet and want to be removed start at $1500 each. Again, depending on the complexity and location of the tree, the cost can increase or decrease.

Many times, it is more expensive to remove a damaged tree from a storm, tornado, hurricane, or flooding. These damaged trees complicate the removal process. Sometimes, the trees end up on people’s roofs or their ceilings. Removing a large Southern Oak tree can cost over $10,000 because a tree of this magnitude usually requires a crane to lift it off your house. And, renting a crane for 6 hours minimum costs around $1,200.

In most estimates, you will find the price of cutting down the tree, hauling it to the landfill, and the cost of the methods taken to remove the tree. In addition, stump grinding is not normally on the tree removal estimate. You should ask you tree removal company if they do provide that service. It usually costs between $60 to $400, depending on the diameter of the tree stump.


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