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How to Decorate Your Summer Cabin or Cottage

For many Americans, summertime means spending time at the lakeside cottage or beach getaway. While these spaces may be small, large, or in between, they still need to be decorated accordingly. We’ve assembled this list of cottage decor themes to help inspire your summer sanctuary setting.

Classic & Rustic

How to decorate your summer cottage or cabin with a rustic theme.
Country Living

The rustic theme is by far the most ubiquitous for any cottage or cabin. Exposed roof beams, stained and varnished woods in rich tones, retro inspired items, and a general vintage feel typify the classic and rustic theme.This is an ideal theme for smaller cabins or those with open floor plans. A great place to find decor items for this style is at rural second hand shops, flea markets, or estate sales.

Fishing Cabin

How to decorate your summer cottage or cabin with a fishing theme

The classic fishing cabin is an American icon. Calling to mind Rockwell inspired scenery and the gentle sound of waves on the lake, the anglers cabin is also a fantastic option for those wishing to decorate a summer getaway. The fishing cabin is also pretty much the only place it’s acceptable to hang such items as taxidermied fish or game. For those non-hunters who want to add some fauna to the piscine paradise, look into faux furs as wall hanging or blankets.

Beach Cabin

How to decorate your summer cottage or cabin with the beach cottage chic theme

The summer beach cottage is an East Coast mainstay from Cape Cod to Cape Hatteras. The decor style is typified by a nautical theme, tones in whites and blues, and shabby chic furniture that will hold up to summer excitement. These homes tend to have wood or tile floors, since it’s much easier to get sand off those floors than it is to get it out of a carpet. Another interesting feature is the unfinished shingling on the outside of many of these homes, which lends them a distinctive style that is easy to identify. A surprising and excellent place to get decor is a boat shop, so long as you’re creative enough to repurpose rope and netting into such things as wall hangings, or buoys as accent pieces, etc.

Wildly Sophisticated

How to decorate your vacation cottage or cabin with a sophisticated style.
Martha Stewart

The sophisticated cabin is a relatively new addition to what was once by definition a rustic place. The sophistication usually comes from the use of rich tones, finishes on walls, and a general mix of modernity and rusticity. This is probably the most versatile of cabin themes, because it can include any of the above with ease.

You summer cabin or cottage is your retreat, so why not decorate it to create you own personal serenity? With careful shopping and creativity, you can decorate an entire cabin without breaking the bank. Remember to upcycle and repurpose as often as possible to help you capture the vintage themes.


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