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How to Use Decorative Baskets in Your Home Décor

Baskets can be functional and decorative too. You can use them to enhance your home décor and keep it organized. You can use baskets creatively to keep your room orderly while giving it some style. Baskets are also available in numerous shapes and sizes, and are also made from a variety of materials such as wicker, pliable wood, and plastic.

Here are a few ideas on how to use baskets in your home décor.

Flower Arrangement Basket

Use faux flowers or fresh flowers and arrange them in a decorative basket to add color and life to your home.
Use baskets to hold colorful and lively flower arrangements. Image source: DIY Enthusiasts

You can easily create a beautiful flower arrangement using baskets. Simply find a wood or wicker basket with a tight weave to prevent the foam from becoming visible. Find artificial flowers or pick some from your yard to create a nice flower arrangement basket. The basket can be set almost anywhere in any room. Place one on the bathroom shelf or above a cabinet. A larger flower basket looks fine on top of the coffee table or on any shelf inside the living room. Flower arrangement baskets make creative and colorful centerpieces for kitchen or dining room tables.

Under the Coffee Table

Open storage made easy! Simply use baskets to hold items you'd like to store and place them under your coffee table.
Open storage made easy with decorative baskets! Image source: Skill Share

A large coffee table or an end table with plenty of empty space below looks a bit off with nothing underneath. Place a decorative basket under the table for both aesthetic and functional values. The beautiful basket is quite decorative and serves as additional storage too. You can store any item inside the basket such as magazines, toys, and pillows. This helps reduce clutter in your house. The decorative basket helps to keep a variety items out of sight, yet readily available.

Wall Hangings

Use baskets or the bottoms of baskets to create unique and colorful wall decor.
Give your walls a unique update with decorative baskets. Image source: Conscious Living TV

There are some very beautiful types of baskets that you can use to decorate your walls simply by hanging them up in a nice orderly style. You can either hang one large basket or a few smaller ones in different colors. If you want to use baskets as wall hangings, find decorative ones that have different colors and unique shapes. Shallow baskets hang better and tend to stick to the wall better than deep baskets. Make sure the bottom of the basket is pressed flat against the wall at all times.

Basket For Decorative Storage

There are many different styles, colors, and sizes of baskets available, so put them to good use! Find baskets that work well with your room or home and use them for decorative storage.
With so many options available, decorative baskets are great for storage. Image source: My Decorative

Have you ever seen how beautiful a basket filled with decorative items looks like in a bright sunny room? It gives a holiday-like feeling of happiness and festivities. Simply fill a basket with decorative items and place it in a strategic location in your room to achieve this festive look.

There are many types of items you can use to fill the baskets including:

  • Potpourri
  • Rocks
  • Marbles
  • Decorative balls
  • Even decorations leftover from the previous holiday

You can then place the baskets on counters, shelves, and tables anywhere in your home. You could even just place the basket full of decorative items on the floor and still achieve the same effect.

One important thing to consider when using decorative baskets is to ensure that the basket matches the style of your home décor. For instance, if you live in a modern styled house, an old-fashioned wicker basket would be totally out of place. All in all, baskets are versatile décor items that you can use for storage and to keep your home better organized.


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