Inexpensive DIY Halloween Costume Ideas

It’s that time of the year again, right? Halloween is just around the corner and while we know that there are so many things you’ve got planned, we will go ahead and assume that you still haven’t decided on a costume. There’s no Halloween without the costume. In fact, most of us celebrate Halloween mostly for the costumes.

“I dressed up as a veterinarian for a Halloween costume party. I had the lab coat. I got a couple of stuffed animals for patients and put bandages on them.” - Tracy Chapman

So Read On:

But sometimes it can be hard to get something that fits your budget. You don’t need to worry, there are many affordable DIY Halloween costumes that can really steal the show in any Halloween party. Remember that when it comes to Halloween costumes, all that matters is simplicity, creativity, and above all relevance.

We’ve got your back and below are some inexpensive DIY costume ideas you can try this Halloween:


Simple and elegant design for costumes
All you need is feathers (and a glue gun). Source: Today

Is there any bird out there more beautiful than a peacock? Perhaps there is but let’s face it, if you ever want to look like a bird, there aren’t many options that will beat the beauty of a peacock. You can try this costume if you like it. It’s simple to make, creative enough to turn heads, and above all, is very easy to spot. Don’t believe us? Well, take a look at the photo below and you be the judge!

Try out the following:

  • Fake feathers
  • Flowers
  • Bird mask
  • Masquerade mask
  • Face paint
  • Plague doctor mask
  • Actual, real feathers

Flight Attendant

A friendly flight attendant costume for cheap
Easy and elegant this Halloween. Source: Today

I know you didn’t see this coming, did you? Neither did we but people are getting creative out there all for the fun of Halloween. So instead of sulking at home not knowing what costume fits you well, how about this simple flight attendant costume? It doesn’t get more affordable or simpler than this and to give you a taste, we have a photo for you below.

Silent Film Actors

Before there were talkies there were these guys
Silent night silent horror. Source: Shrimp Salad Circus

If you are looking for a more vintage look then this is the costume for you. You will need a vintage style dress, a dialogue card, headbands, and pearls. Dress up for a pose and you will be good to go. What we like most about this costume is its vintage nature and we couldn’t have asked for a better treat this Halloween than this.

French Fries

Anyone else hungry for French fries?
Look at the adorable french fry costume! Source: YouTube

Don’t you love it when you see a costume and your mind goes like what the heck was the person wearing it thinking. Well, this McDonald’s fries costume is just one of those. Full marks for creativity though. You don’t need a lot to get it ready. It’s one of those simple yet mind-blowing costumes that no one will ever think about. Take a look below and see what we mean.

Queen of England

The Queen of England would be proud. That is a lie she'd be furious.
Practice your queen wave. Source: UPI

We will have to admit that this one surprised us and not just because of how audacious the costume is but because of its authenticity. If you want to be the Queen of England for a day then this is the costume for you. To add more taste and relevance to the costume, you can have someone else dress as those royal guards. It would be a great way to get all the attention this Halloween.


Smile! The emoji costumes are easy to make and very friendly.
Everyone can live vicariously through their texts. Source: Instagram

The craze of Emojis is here to stay and it seems like these days you can’t even send a text without adding a few Emojis here and there. Well, there are some people who have decided to convert this texting delight into a costume. We can’t say we’re surprised though, it was just a matter of time before somebody did this. It’s a good thing they have done it right. They’re perhaps the funniest and most adorable Emojis that you’ll ever see.


Choosing the right costume for Halloween doesn’t have to be a hard decision. In fact, you can make these costumes yourself. All you need is a basic DIY guide and a few materials here and there. Besides, looking at the simple DIY costumes above, you’ll agree that they are simply amazing.

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Like these ideas? Which ones are you going to make? Let us know in the comments below!


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