How to Keep Your Lawn Green and Healthy

Lawns are not all the same. There are some lawns that look healthier and lush while others not so much. The only difference here is how the owners maintain them, either by DIY or through lawn service. 

Maintaining a quality and healthy lawn may seem like a hard thing to do but what it really takes is just some effort and a little bit of time. 

Well, in case you want to make your lawn look greener and improve your curb appeal, there are a few steps you can take, and we listed the main ones here to help you out! 

Soak It in Water 

A lot of people, in their effort to save water, will normally sprinkle their lawn for a few minutes and leave it. The lawn will then dry up fast and they will keep doing it over and over again. While your lawn will still survive with dashes of water frequently, it will do so much better if you soak it in water but less often than you’re used to. 

For example, if you only give your grass about 10 minutes of water three times a week, consider giving it 40 minutes twice or once a week. 

Soaking the lawn in water achieves two things:

  • First, it ensures that the water penetrates deep into the soil. This means that the chances of that soil retaining moisture for a longer period of time are very high. 

  • Secondly, it helps the roots to grow deeper and deeper as they seek out the water. Eventually, the grass will be stronger and healthier for that very reason.

Know How to Adjust the Cutting Height Based on the Time of Year 

It’s also very important to cut the grass more frequently as part of regular lawn maintenance. Cutting will not only keep the lawn neat and tidy but it helps to weed out dead grass, making sure the healthier grass gets proper aeration and more nutrients too. 

However, cutting should be adjusted depending on the time of year. For example, if you are mowing the lawn for the first time, you are advised to use a cutting height of about 1 to 1.5 inches. This should be easy to set using the lawnmower.

Make Sure the Blade is Sharp

Since we are already talking about cutting the grass, you may also want to make sure that the blade you are using is as sharp as it can be. 

There is nothing more annoying than using a blunt blade to mow the lawn. Just ask a few lawn care companies and they will tell you. 

Chances are you will cut unevenly. It also means that you are far less likely to get rid of the dead grass too.

Apply Weed Killers and Fertilizers

It’s also very important to apply weed killer and fertilizer to provide all the nutrients your lawn needs to survive. However, the amount of products you use depends on many factors. 

First, you will need to assess the condition of your grass. There are some places in the world where the soil tends to be rich. In other words, even without fertilizing the lawn, the grass will do just fine. 

In case you live in such geographical locations, consider applying very little fertilizer or none at all. If you can use something organic, then go for it. It may also not be necessary to apply weed killer in lawn treatment. 

If your lawn already has thick long grass, it will significantly limit the ability of weed to grow. Thick grass will prevent sunlight from making its way to the soil where the weed seeds are deposited, depriving them of an essential component they need to germinate and flourish.

Keeping your lawn looking lush and healthy is always a huge objective for most homeowners and as you can see from the tips above, it’s not nearly as hard to get it done.

Ready to improve your lawn and have the green, lush yard you’ve always wanted? Contact a local lawn care company and request a free quote! 


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