Landscaping: Plant Green, Get Green!

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Landscaping: Plant Green, Get Green!

Landscaping is without a doubt one of the most wise of all home improvements. This is because it can add tens of thousands of dollars to the overall value of your home. It can also, be a form of home improvement, which will keep on adding on to the value of your home repeatedly over time. It is one of the very few home improvements that not only adds value immediately, but it also, will keep on increasing in value as the years do fly by.


A review on research that was conducted by Alex Niemiera, who is a horticulturist at Virginia Tech, did learn that a home that is well-landscaped properly is more likely to have much more major price advantage than a home that doesn't have any landscaping. This advantage is something that can range from 5.5% to 12.7%. These percentages are something that does translate to an extra $16,500 to $38,100 in value on a home with the price tag of $300,000.

Some Factors

The research that Niemiera did do, came up with one thing, and this is that landscaping is far more than just putting some flowers and shrubs into the ground. The main thing that many buyers are looking for when they think about landscaping is sophisticated design. They also want the right plant size and maturity, as well. Another thing that is very important, but does have lesser impact is, the overall diversity of existing plant life within a landscaping design.

The Right Planning

If you to the website, which is the official website of the one-time popular host of TV's "This Old House," the single biggest mistake that homeowners do make about landscaping is very clear. This mistake is no other than not having a coherent plan in place. Homeowners decide to put a tree in one year, and then years later, they add in some flower beds. They then eventually add in another tree and then shrubs. Any landscape that is pieced together by piecemeal, will end up looking disorganized, and this is something that can turn potential home buyers off. You should come up with a good working plan before you have any landscaping done. Despite the fact if you don't have the money or may never spend the money on hiring a professional landscape designer. You still should have a landscape designer draw you up some master plans. These master plans will help you do the right kind of landscaping, and to be able to, stick to it properly from day one. According to what Money Magazine has to say, an amateur landscaper can get a very professional looking landscape job for $500 to $3,000, this includes plants and materials if they're willing to do the job themselves.

A Lot of Maturity

If you have a landscape that does contain lots of mature plants, which are large and healthy, then you have a landscape that has been maintained properly over the years. This fact is something that does send a positive signal to buyers. The real estate agent named Tony Giacalone from the Boston Globe, did make the following quote about this, and it is "this is indeed a very strong indication that they have managed to take excellent care of the inside of the house too."

Defining Time Frame

It is very good to have a long-term landscaping plan if you are in the home for long-term. If your goal is to sell the house within a year's time, you can take a lot of great steps to dress up the present landscaping, and this can be done by doing it in the most precise of ways. These steps will help to boost the selling price. Money Magazine has a few suggestions to get this job done best. You should make sure to have fresh edges cut around your planting beds. You should also make sure to have a sharp and well-defined edge that is visible between grass and mulch, or even between the dirt. You should also make sure to have regular fertilizer treatments done on the lawn. You want all potential buyers of your home to be able to witness a lush carpet and not a patchwork quilt. It is also highly advised to add in some splashes of colors. These splashes of colors can be established with some colorful annuals for a couple of dollars each in price, and also be willing to, invest a few additional hundred dollars in perennials and shrubs that are much larger. This will make your yard look as though you have always been working on it. No one will be the wiser, except you.

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