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How to Make Your Light Fixtures Shine Bright

The lighting is one of the most important aspects of any home. It is responsible for keeping your home looking nice and cozy and it can play a huge role in bringing out all the decor elements that you have in there. 

However, most light fixtures are made from glass, and as such, they are more often than not prone to dust settling. There are also other issues that may affect how they emit light. If indeed the fixtures will work great, then they have to be maintained regularly. 

Here are a few tips that can help you keep your light fixtures shining bright all day.

Dust Them Off 

In most cases, light fixtures are often located at the top where they hang from the ceiling. For all we know, they are basically out of sight. It’s, therefore, very easy to ignore each and every one of them as you begin cleaning up your house. 

Do not make this mistake. Light fixtures will accumulate dust over time and they will need to be cleaned to maintain their radiant light. In that case, consider wiping them off more regularly to avoid any issues.

Don’t Forget the Chains That Bind 

I know a lot of people will often dust off the living room ceiling lights and forget to also reach out to the chains or cables that hold these fixtures in place. 

This will only make the whole thing look weird. Just imagine a fixture with a neat and clean glass enclosure but a dusty metal chain holding it. 

Let’s not forget that the light fixture is more than just the part that emits the light. Even the chains and cables that hold it onto the ceiling are part of it and as such, they too must be cleaned regularly.

Don’t Ignore the Bathroom 

Bathroom fixtures tend to get ignored during routine cleaning at home. While bathroom lights may not be exposed to dust as much as other fixtures in the house, they too need your attention especially because of the risk of water stains. 

After all, if you can consider light fixtures installation on the bathroom, then it makes sense that you’ll have a maintenance plan for them as well. As a rule of thumb, ensure that you have wiped them off with a damp microfiber cloth at least once each week.

Use Your Dishwasher 

Since a majority of fixtures are made from glass, they are all dishwasher friendly. I am not saying that you should uninstall all fixtures and put them into the washer. 

However, there are some fixtures like wall sconces that can easily be removed, put into the washer for a few minutes, and reinstalled back. The dishwasher offers an easy and effective way to keep the fixtures clean without too much effort.

Inspect for Damage 

Cleaning or dusting off the fixtures needs to be a very thorough process. It’s not just about cleaning or dusting off. 

You also need to do a little inspection and see if there are any damages. Remember the sooner you detect an issue, the easier it will be to repair it. 

Most fixtures will give you service for a long time without any issues. But if indeed you discover that light fixture repair is needed, take care of this as fast as possible.

Don’t Forget Outdoor Lights 

Yes, no one wants to see the dust on indoor light fixtures, but this doesn’t mean you should ignore the outdoor lights. 

Most outdoor fixtures are indeed designed to fend off the torments of tough weather easily, but they too need regular maintenance. Whether it’s cleaning chandeliers on your patio or wiping off landscaping lights on your yard, make sure that this is done regularly.

In need of light fixture repair? Contact a local electrician and request a free quote!


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