Secrets to Having a Destination Summer Firepit!

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Secrets to Having a Destination Summer Firepit!

There's nothing like the sound of a crackling fire to attract neighbors to an outdoor marshmallow roast, or just to engage in friendly conversation. A masonry fire pit, built in your backyard or on your patio will allow you to have friends and family over for such occasions all year round. So start planning now to have your very own masonry fire pit.

What You'll Need to Get Started

To ensure the longevity of your fire pit, you have to choose the right materials. The bricks that will surround the fire should be fire-rated in order to withstand the high temperatures without cracking. If you like stone, you can use stone as sort of a veneering for the fire brick. Use refractory mortar, or fire clay, instead of regular mortar as it is more heat resistant. Also, remember to include some strategically placed expansion joints to allow for the expansion and contraction of the structure during extreme temperature changes.

Make Sure the Surrounding Area Does Not Facilitate Fires

For safety purposes, fire pits should be built on a paved area like a patio, or in an area surrounded by gravel, bricks or stone. Never build a fire pit in a grassy area as the grass would act as fuel for embers ejected from the fire. This is especially true in the summer when grass tends to be at its driest.

Maintain the Ambience of the Area

If the veneering on your fire pit is made of stone, then constructing benches out of stone to facilitate guests only adds to the ambience and continuity of the area. Since the stone or brick benches will be permanent, have them built sufficiently far enough that guests can sit comfortably without being annoyed by the heat from the fire. However, if you prefer the look and feel of wood, try outfitting the area with Adirondack chairs and marking the perimeter with a wooden fence.

Make Sure the Location isn't Compromised

Before beginning construction, make sure it won't be sitting on top of any buried electrical cables or water lines. Once it is built, it can't be moved, unless, of course, you're willing to tear it down and start all over again. To be sure, call 811 and find out if there are any buried cables in the area. Also, check to see if the fire pit would be in violation of any municipal codes that govern your area. Remember, just because the area seems ideal to you doesn't mean that it's safe.

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