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Millennial Must-Haves: Remodeling Trends of a Generation

The housing market may seem to be dominated by older generations, but millennials are jumping in where they can. Though the National Association of Realtors claims they make up a smaller percentage of homeowners so far, millennials are just as likely as other age groups to remodel their homes. Plus, they’re embracing some trends that will only grow in popularity as more millennials age into the responsibility of owning and caring for a home. No longer is a kitchen or bath remodel only something their parents are taking on - millennial homeowners are excited about their homes and ready to dive into the next project. Trends in remodeling and designing can influence your own remodels if you’re looking to sell, or maybe you’re a new homeowner just looking into what’s popular now. Either way, here are the hottest trends among the newest generation of homeowners!

Kitchen and Bath

Let’s start with the basics - one of the most popular areas of a home to remodel is the kitchen, and millennials have taken these projects to heart as well. Updated appliances, along with customized work spaces and plenty of technological capacity, are the main trends in kitchen and bath remodels for millennials. However, often they’ll opt to remodel in more budget-friendly ways - updating the lighting, for instance, rather than tearing up the floors.

Technologically Compatible/Green

Known as the tech generation, younger homeowners are looking for houses that are technologically compatible, which can include extra outlets, multiple charging stations, and smart home technology. Along with the technological aspect, millennials are investing in appliances and features that are energy efficient too, which is not only good for the environment but also cuts down on their energy bills.


Millennials are not shying away from doing renovations or remodels, but rather than picking up the phone to call a contractor, they’re undertaking DIY remodeling projects. From installing new appliances to landscaping, they’re putting in the time and hard work to do it on their own, and only occasionally hiring laborers to do the heavy lifting. Particularly with so many online sites dedicated to DIY projects, millennials would rather learn how to do it themselves.

Style Choices

As far as style goes, younger homeowners are changing the rules of how they want their homes to look and, more importantly, why. Instead of the larger homes popular in years past, millennials are looking for smaller homes with more interior open space. They’re into painting, preferring grays and bold accent walls rather than beige, white, or overwhelming bright colors.

Why the Trends?

Not only are millennials looking for homes to call their own, they’re changing trends in remodeling because they see the homes not only as investments but also as spaces they can enjoy right now. They don’t want “cookie-cutter homes” but instead want unique, relatively minimal spaces they can use to both work from home and entertain friends. And as the generation that’s grown up with near-constant technological innovations, they know that no trend lasts forever and are excited to design their own customized space to match their lifestyle.


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