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7 Most Common Mistakes People Make When Painting Kitchen Cabinets

Painting kitchen cabinets is really catching on as a trend. In fact, it has become part and parcel of social media in recent years as people share their experiences. There’s no doubt that painted cabinets look quite good and as such, a lot of people are falling into the temptation of trying it. 

There’s actually nothing wrong with going for it. It’s in fact encouraged, but while in most cases the end result will be good, in others it may be the exact opposite. 

Nonetheless, you may want to avoid some of the following mistakes as you begin this project! 

Having Unrealistic Expectations 

Sure, you have seen those amazing Instagram and Pinterest pictures of people who have done wonders with painted cabinets and you are thinking, well I can pull that off. 

Paint is definitely a good way to give your cabinets a refreshed new look but it’s not a silver bullet. 

In that case, even as you begin painting the kitchen storage cabinets keep in mind that paint is limited and may not necessarily offer the kind of results that you are looking for. If your cabinets are too old, damaged or dated, maybe you need to go for refacing or even replacing them entirely to have a beautiful kitchen again. 

Painting without Cleaning 

The standard procedure is to first of all clean up the wood and get rid of the previous paint or sealant. 

The sad reality is that a lot of people just get down to work and start painting without getting rid of the last coat. This will affect how the new coat looks and may even prevent it from holding to the wood.

You Don’t Sand 

When cleaning the wood before painting, sanding is a key part of that process. Unlike what most people think, sanding the wood is designed to play two roles. 

While it does remove the previous coat of paint, it also softens the wood, making it easier for the new coat to hold. You will also notice that it’s easier to apply paint on a sanded surface than a rough one.

Not Taking Your Time 

Painting is more like an art and there’s a method to it that requires a lot of patience and attention to detail. 

Although it looks easy, in order to apply a unique coat of paint that finally gives your cabinets a new look, you will need to take your time with the paintbrush. 

Don’t rush it. After all, cabinet refinishing is something most people do once in a long time. Even if it takes a whole day or week, as long as the results are good enough, it will all be worth it and you won’t have to redo it in a really long time. 

Painting While the Doors Are Still Attached

You really don’t want to paint your cabinets while the doors are still attached to them. This not only makes your work harder but it prevents you from reaching every part of the cabinets. 

A good rule would be to tear down the doors or remove them from their sockets before you begin painting. It’s also recommended to paint the doors separately from the cabinets as well for the best outcomes.

Choosing the Wrong Paint 

Painting cabinets can only be effective if you choose the best shades. Take your time deciding what you are going to paint. 

Make sure it matches the rest of the paint on kitchen walls and the overall decor, too. You may consult with a contractor if you are not sure of the best paint for cabinets.

Using Cheap Paint 

Cabinets are supposed to be classy and elegant so don’t use cheap paint to class them up. After all, if you have classy cabinets, it’s only fair if you use quality paint on them. 

Even though this may cost you a little extra money, in the long run, it will surely be worth it. High-end paints offer better quality and will last a whole lot more than cheap paints, saving you money in the long run. 

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