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12 Adorable Cuties To Celebrate National Puppy Day

March 23 is National Puppy Day, and it deserves a proper celebration! These lovely fellas are loyal, friendly, and honest, and never leave our side. They love us unconditionally, and they deserve all the love we can offer! To celebrate the day in the best way possible, give your furry friend some love, maybe adopt one in need, and check out these adorable puppies below that will instantly brighten up your day!

This adorable duo wants to make you smile too.

Adorable Puppy Duo
Image Source: Cutest Paw

Not sure if this is a puppy or a baby polar bear...

Adorable Puppy
Image Source: Imgur

Every dog’s ambition

Good boy dog
Image Source: Twitter

Adorable puppy trying to wake up daddy

wake up daddy
 Image Source: Reddit

Nothing better than your sibling being your best friend.

Sibling friendship
Image Source: Pinterest

This little guy just wants some love.

Dog kisses
Image Source: The Berry

Most people can relate to these cuties.

Out of bed in the morning
Image Source: The Queerish

This is probably the most adorable puppy ever.

Cutest puppy ever
Image Source: Pinterest 

Waking up in the morning like...

Waking up in the morning like...
Image Source: Dog Humor

This dog confused about his name

Confused dog
Image Source: 50 Plus Prime 

This pup who would just like to enjoy a simple swing

Puppie swing baby
Image Source: iFunny 

This dog trying to get a decent family photo

dog selfie
Image Source: Rover

What do you think of these puppies? How are you going to celebrate the day at home? Let us know in the comments below, we love to hear your opinion!


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