8 Irresistible Outdoor Christmas Decorations

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There’s nothing that better sets the Christmas mood than the right decorations. There are many great décor options that you can use. What really matters is that you’re unique and creative in the way you approach everything. In addition to this, Christmas decorations should be indoor and outdoor too.

If you’re not sure about how to proceed this year, here are a few good ideas to help you:

1. Start with the Outdoor Fireplace

If you have an outdoor fireplace, you may want to kick start the décor fest with it. The fireplace gets ignored a lot of times so don’t make this mistake. You can put a simple garland around the fireplace for the best results. Add a bowl of red fruit on the deck table for the accent. A few plant pots around the fireplace should also be great.

2. Put a Wreath on Your Car

If you have that old classic car on the garage or a contemporary car on the driveway, you can make it part and parcel of the Christmas feeling with a simple wreath. Just put it at the front. You may have two or three wreaths placed in front of the car and one each on the sides too.

3. Front Door Wreaths

front door wreaths
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Wreaths can of course be great for the front door. In fact, that’s where they normally go. Well, if you thought one wreath does bring an outstanding level of magic on how your front porch looks, think about what two wreaths can do? Yes, you can have two wreaths on your front door as the ultimate Christmas décor and you will love it.

4. Make Everything Glow

Christmas is supposed to be a happy time and as such, everything should present a charm of its own without any gloom. As you decorate your home for the holidays, make sure that everything you put in glows. Whether it’s the wreath on the front door or the Christmas lights around the roof, that perfect glow will simply go a long way in giving your loved ones the perfect Christmas experience.

5. Don’t Forget a Door Pallet

door pallet
Source: House Beautiful

The wreath should pretty much do everything to decorate your front door but you can still add a few other embellishments to get the best results. Try out simple door pallets with welcoming messages. You can use two pallets, one in each side of the door for this. It doesn’t have to be something complicated. Plain wood painted white with a message at the center should really do.

6. Pay Attention to the Windows

Also, don’t forget to give your windows an upgrade for the holidays. There are many ways to do this such as printed flowers and other décor options. And make sure they are clean too. Part of the beauty offered by windows comes from their sparkle and making sure they are clean is indeed very important.

7. Get a Christmas Tree

christmas tree
Source: Tech Spot

It’s Christmas so the Christmas tree is definitely important. You can put up the trees in different locations around the home. But make sure you always have one on the front porch. If you can add a garland too around the door with lights that match those on the tree, that would be perfect. In addition to this, make sure the tree size is not that big, especially for the front door. You want something smaller than the door itself.

8. Hang a Wreath on Your Lantern

Lighting is everything when it comes to décor. These lanterns do offer a perfect chance to enhance the beauty of the entire décor by delivering the perfect glow at night. The lanterns can easily be combined with garlands and wreaths on the outdoors for the best results.

Décor is a central part in any Christmas. The decorations set the mood for the festive season and as such, you must be very careful about the kind of options you go for.


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